Phenomenal photos may speak for themselves, but they can’t speak 100% for the experience a client has working with a photographer. No matter how great you are with your camera, if you can’t help potential clients understand why their experience will be special, you aren’t going to succeed.

Photographers need to be their own customer service agent, pricing expert, and — most importantly — marketing team. Outside of having an engaging social media presence and a quality website, there are several things you can do to communicate your value. One such method is a brand promo video. Promos are a great way to convey the full experience you bring to the table.

To find out what it takes to create an effective promo video for your photography business, we spoke with Jim Garner, an award-winning photographer who credits some of his recent marketing success to his own promo.


Show How You Work With Your Clients

It’s never about telling; it’s about showing. “It’s about more than just showing beautiful work; it’s about showing and selling a great experience,” says Jim. Whether it’s a testimonial or some b-roll of your clients enjoying themselves during a shoot, you need to show the positive chemistry that you can build with clients.

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Make It Clear You Know What They Want

It’s vital to present a clear message that we as the photographer understands what the client wants and needs. “I’m not talking about the photos” says Jim, “I’m talking about what the client wants – from images to feeling supported to being comfortable while shooting and everything in between.”

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Don’t Be Literal

Use words that can connect to your clients on an emotional level and help set your message apart. “Words like experience, art focused, storytelling, and client focused are some great examples of words that we like to stress,” says Jim.

Answer Questions and Dissolve Any Doubts

Promo videos are a great way to answer questions that you might receive during consultations. It’s also a great opportunity to answer the questions that do not get asked but should. “Use your video to answer the greatest question a client has for you – a question that will never be asked: does this photographer fit in within the image of my wedding day and can I trust him or her,” says Jim.

To find out more tips from Jim, check out his upcoming course on CreativeLive, From Images to Art: Storytelling in Wedding Photography.