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MagMod, A Solution To Your Light Modification Annoyances?

By Lauren Kermelis on November 8th 2013

Introduction and Overview of MagMod

If you have ever photographed with light modifiers before then you will know that mounting them onto your typical speedlight can be painful. While many attempts and contraptions have been made to try to ease this problem, it is safe to say that a permanent resolution has still not been made. However, all of that could about to change, with a simple and seemingly durable device called MagMod.

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How it Works

MagMod works by combining the use of a silicone casing with strong, N52 Neodynium magnets.


The result is an incredibly strong light modification system, with the durability to outlast all of the others.Unlike many other light modifiers, MagMod is designed to fit almost every professional-level hot-shoe flash.



The MagGrid

Once the silicone casing is attached, you are then able to stack on the MagGrid, a one-sized Honeycomb Grid that will focus your light into a precise beam.



Image of a single MagGrid focusing your light into a 40° beam.

You can stack multiple honeycombs to create a tighter beam of light with the MagMod.


Image of two MagGrid’s focusing your light into a 20° beam.


Because the MagGrid only comes in one size, photographers will no longer have to worry about which grid size they are grabbing in a fast-paced situation, they can simply grab a new one, and place it on.

The MagGel

The MagGel,is a silicone casing that allows for the insertion of strong, yet flexible gel sheets that were specifically designed for it.They come in a variety of colors so you can mix and match, combine and stack them in any way you would like until you reach the desired effect.




Complications of the MagMod System

While the creators of MagMod system have proven there to be no harm to your camera, or cell phones,the only direct complication that could possibly result from the MagMod is the effect of its magnetism in relation to your hard drives. Because computers and external hard drives are often amongst the set of equipment used my most photographers, it would be important to make sure that you keep these a safe distance away from the magnets within the MagMod. I find this a small price to pay for their ease of use.

More information on the MagMod system can be viewed on their Kickstarter page.

Images Courtesy of MagMod.

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Lauren Kermelis is a freelance photographer wedding, portrait, and event photographer based out of Southern California.

Q&A Discussions

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  1. mugur ic

    Very useful tool

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  2. Lauren Kermelis

    Your Welcome Spencer!

    | |
  3. Spencer

    Thanks for the write-up Lauren!

    | |
  4. Travis – Minneapolis Wedding Photographer

    The design of the Magmod system is impressively simple yet amazing. I find a big reason that I don’t use as many light modifiers is just the time it takes to gel 2 or 3 lights, or throw a grid on… While it might just take 1 minute, it’s enough of a hassle that adds up throughout a wedding day and just makes me not want to do it!

    It will be exciting to see where they take the product line!


    | |
    • Anthony Thurston

      I agree, lots of potential for expanded products here. Will be interesting to see where it all goes.

      | |
  5. Tanya

    This looks so cool. If they come up with a soft box modifier I’ll be all over it.

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