Welcome to our Deal Dash segment, where we scour the web for the best deals on camera, lenses, lighting, and other gear for photographers. There are always great deals to be found over on B&H and on Amazon, so make sure to check out those two websites. Today we wanted to highlight 3 deals below:

Macbook Air – Save $600



The Macbook Air may not be a powerhouse mobile computer, but it is nothing to slouch at either. Those of you in the Mac ecosystem could benefit from a mobile device like this to lightly process or cull images while out in the field. It is also hard to argue with the savings currently available on the 2014 model over on B&H.

Those interested can get their hands on a fairly spec’d out 2014 Macbook Air with an i7 and 8GB of RAM for a killer $600 off. Get yours here.

Generay LED-7100T – Save $60


I love myself some mobile LED light panels. They are just so easy to carry along and add a little kick to your scene on a moment’s notice. I actually have one of these units and I keep it in my car for whenever I need an extra light or in a case where my primary light is having issues.

The battery life lasts a good while, and it is easy to have extras handy. Those of you interested in this LED panel need to act fast, though; this is today’s B&H Daily Deal, so these savings are only good today. Jump on it here.

Lowepro Photo Sport Sling 100 AW – Save $50


Everyone needs camera bags. Sometimes people need new camera bags. If this is you, then this a bag you may be interested in. I have always loved Lowepro bags for their durability and interesting color options.

On the deal table today, we have the Lowepro Sport Sling 100AW, a medium-sized bag perfect for an outdoor photographer who needs to protect his or her gear from the elements when not in use. This is a bag to consider on its own, but with current savings at $50, this bag is one of the best deals out there for this type of bag right now.

If you are interested, you can find the deal over on B&H here.

This is our daily deals report where we will feature a deal, or deals, that we think you should know about. Feel free to let us know about any deals you run across by sending me an email (link in my profile) or leaving a comment below!