Lytro launched their ‘first of its kind’ light field camera just over a year ago to lots of press, but not much traction in the market. Since the release and initial press the guys over at Lytro have been rather quiet, but according to their CEO that could all soon change.

In a recent interview with SFGate, Lytro CEO Jason Rosenthal has been quoted as saying that the company has “a packed product roadmap for the next year,” he goes on to mention that, “We’ll introduce multiple what I think are breakthrough products…” This is pretty bold claims for a company who’s flagship product turned out to be a dud.

This is not the first time a company has started slow and righted their ways to become successful. Rosenthal mentions the Tesla’s Roadster, a car that by all accounts was a dud, as an example of a company that started rough and managed to turn it around very successfully – referring to the very well received Tesla Model S.


Lots of big talk, without any details. Its pretty easy to say you have a “breakthrough” products coming down the pipe and then not release and details about said products. Not hints, no clues, nothing. If I am being honest this sounds a lot like desperation to me, as I mentioned Lytro entered the spotlight with a ton of media coverage and as soon as the product was released all of that faded into the darkness.

Current rumors include lytro powered compact cameras, video recorders, and cheaper options for the budget conscious consumers. All of the above sound all well and good, but again with no details this sounds like pipe dreams from a company desperate for attention.

What are your thoughts on this? Could lytro have a proverbial Model S on the horizon or is this just big talk form a company that burned out quicker than  match in a hurricane? Let us know in a comment below.   

[via The Verge]