We have all seen Lytro’s light field technology and what it means for photographers as far as being able to focus images after the snap. It is also no secret that the company’s light field technology has not been as well received in the photo world as they probably would have liked.


Lytro CEO, Jason Rosenthal, just announced that the company would be cutting about 20-50 staff from its ranks of 130 employees. The reason for the mass exodus of employees and talent? It’s not money, the company just received a new $50 million investment.

No, the company is in the midst of a new strategic shift, as Rosenthal called it. According to Rosenthal’s statements, the company will refocus its energy on the video and virtual reality markets where he feels there is huge potential for light field technology. The company will be hiring new talent to fill its needs in those new markets, while simultaneously cutting back its photography focused staff.


But this isn’t the end of the Lytro camera, not yet anyhow. Rosenthal says that new features and updates will be coming to the Ilium  in the form of software updates over the next year. He also claims a new ‘next-generation’ camera is coming down the pipes as well.

It will be interesting to see if Lytro can make an impact in the video and VR markets. But if I am honest, I am more interested in seeing how support of their photography products continues now that the company’s focus has shifted elsewhere.

What are your thoughts on this move by Lytro to shift their focus away from the photography market to virtual reality? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!