There have long been light meter apps for smartphones, but these have been proven to work no better than your camera’s built in meter. But a new smartphone app that recently finished a Kickstarter campaign has added a twist, a dome.


The Lumu light meter (which we first told you about here) is an app and accompanying dome (which you connect via the audio jack) that turns your smartphone into a full blown light meter. The Lumu light meter is expected to retail around $149 once production is complete. It will be available on all Iphones and Ipod Touches running iOS 5.0 or later. It is also compatible on select Android devices including the Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note II, and the HTC One running Android 4.1.

Apparently people are chomping at the bit to get this light meter, the device/app received a whopping 1200% of its target Kickstarter goal. Their goal was originally a respectable $20,000, they ended up with over $240,000 from just over 2,600 backers. That averages out to just over $92 per backer (obviously some paid more than others).


If you are curious about the Lumu and would like to learn more you can checkout tow places: Their Kickstarter page, or their Website. If you decide that you think this is legit you can pre-order your own Lumu Light Meter from their website at a special pre-order price of $129.00.

What are your thoughts on this light meter? Are you surprised that it was able to to so well supported by Kickstarter? Let us know in a comment below!