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Lumu Smartphone Light Meter Gets over 1200% of Target Kickstarter Funding

By Anthony Thurston on July 14th 2013

There have long been light meter apps for smartphones, but these have been proven to work no better than your camera’s built in meter. But a new smartphone app that recently finished a Kickstarter campaign has added a twist, a dome.


The Lumu light meter (which we first told you about here) is an app and accompanying dome (which you connect via the audio jack) that turns your smartphone into a full blown light meter. The Lumu light meter is expected to retail around $149 once production is complete. It will be available on all Iphones and Ipod Touches running iOS 5.0 or later. It is also compatible on select Android devices including the Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note II, and the HTC One running Android 4.1.

Apparently people are chomping at the bit to get this light meter, the device/app received a whopping 1200% of its target Kickstarter goal. Their goal was originally a respectable $20,000, they ended up with over $240,000 from just over 2,600 backers. That averages out to just over $92 per backer (obviously some paid more than others).


If you are curious about the Lumu and would like to learn more you can checkout tow places: Their Kickstarter page, or their Website. If you decide that you think this is legit you can pre-order your own Lumu Light Meter from their website at a special pre-order price of $129.00.

What are your thoughts on this light meter? Are you surprised that it was able to to so well supported by Kickstarter? Let us know in a comment below!


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Anthony Thurston is a photographer based in the Salem, Oregon area specializing in Boudoir. He recently started a new project, Fiercely Boudoir to help support the growing boudoir community. Find him over on Instagram. You may also connect with him via Email.

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  1. Chuck Eggen

    Saw this on Kickstarter. How did it work out. Haven’t seen a review so maybe not so good.

    | |
  2. Mark

    I use a handheld light meter – most of my cameras are older than I am (32), and don’t have meters. However putting both a big light meter *and* my phone in a pocket, while walking around and taking photos is pretty cumbersome if I don’t want to carry a bag too.

    This little guy is small, and takes care of that issue.

    I think it’s also going to swamp my sekonic in making really smart use of the basic features. Obviously there’s no reflective or spot meter, etc. But it can calculate averages, contrast between settings, and integrate things like GPS and time data – and save that online – which I dig. Right now their site says its $129 – which is 1/3 what I spent on my sekonic, and something tells me I may not be using it much longer.

    They have an SDK, so I imagine we’ll see some other interesting uses pop up, possibly even third-party apps – and this is pure speculation, but with bluetooth camera controls (there’s a bunch of third party app\hardware pieces for this already) could run things like HDR, time-lapse, and other tricky exposure situations automatically – while logging metering settings for post production… Add bluetooth slaves for studio strobes, and if the phone could trigger those too – that’s a hell of a lot of creative potential.

    Sekonic would have to add bluetooth, a processor, GPS, motion sensor, wifi, memory, OS, etc etc etc – and their cost to do the same thing would be enormous.

    And at a basic level – I’m pretty sure the touch screen interface is going to be a lot faster than thumbing through buttons and settings on my Sekonic (not to mention having to remove a battery cover and change dip switches for certain things).

    | |
  3. Andy

    I think the price point is too high(even at pre-order). When you’ve got established brands now making budget versions for around the same money, or full featured for a little more, why would you risk it? That said, credit to them, it’s a cool gadget. Can’t help thinking they must be pretty pissed Apple moved the jack to the bottom though eh? :P

    | |