Lumapix Fotofusion V5 Giveaway

July 24th 2013 7:22 PM

This contest is officially over. Congrats to Jane Holestine for winning this contest. Be sure to check out more fun contests, giveaways and humor on SLR Lounge.


We’re a big fan of any software that makes our lives easier and speeds up workflow. Lumapix Fotofusion V5, used for album designs and blog layouts is one of those products. It boasts a huge range of versatile features that makes album design convenient and easy.

In this week’s giveaway, we’re giving away 1 license of Fotofusion Extreme! The software is usually $299 but the winner will receive it at no cost. The contest is open internationally, so join away!

How Do I Enter?

Entering is easy! Just follow the steps below:

1) Subscribe to our Weekly Newsletter

Note: We will not sell or distribute your email address. You may unsubscribe after the contest. If you’re already subscribed, skip to step 2.

2) Comment below

Be sure to include: a) your name and b) a random thought!

Suggestions: the weather in your city, “hello,” what you are doing today.

That’s it! We’ll select 1 random winner (via a random number generator) at the contest’s end on Thursday August 7th, 2013 at 11:59pm. Winners will be announced and notified within 4 days of the contest’s end.

ADDITIONAL ENTRIES: Gain 1 additional entry by following SLR Lounge on Twitter and tweeting any of the following:

  • “@slrlounge GIVEAWAY for http://bit.ly/16behej”

What Exactly Do I Get?

Lumapix is THE standard in album design software. Read our Lumapix Fotofusion Review here. Here are a few of my favorite features of the software.

– Automatic Collage Layout
– Integrated Online Library
– Album Templates
– Full Control of Text, Borders, Backgrounds, shadows and more
– Red Eye Removal
– Custom Gradients
– Snap to Align
.. and much more



Co-Founder of SLR Lounge and Photographer with Lin and Jirsa Photography, I’m based in Southern California but you can find me traveling the world. Click here to connect on Google +

Comments [178]

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  1. _DSC0070-Edit1.jpg29
    Kurk Rouse

    I use version 4 love this software

    | |
  2. 1
    Kristi Bonus

    I’ve been a subscriber for a while now!
    also, I like pancakes better than waffles.

    | |
  3. 1
    Connie Etter

    Hi I’m Connie. I’m from Martinsville, IN. The weather is perfect here right now. We could use some rain though. I have been using your software for about 4 yrs now and love it. I would love to win an upgrade.

    | |
  4. 1
    Benjamin Klomfass

    this great software which i’ve discovered several years ago would be awesome to own as just a while ago i purchased other software for editing/archiv – so good luck to me and everyone :)

    | |
  5. 1
    John Borys

    I never win anything.

    | |
  6. 1
    Lindsey Epps-Tucker

    FotoFusion sounds like a lifesaver for creating wedding/portrait albums.

    | |
  7. 1
    Steve Filby

    FotoFusion look very cool.

    | |
  8. 1
    Rainer Freynhagen

    there will be the silent-Movie-Festival in Bonn from 8’th of august in Bonn, Germany: Open-Air, live-music, and for free!

    | |
  9. 1
    Cheenu Narasimhan

    Nothing like photographing a great waterfall during the monsoon!

    | |
  10. 1
    Henri de Bruijn

    Thanks, it looks like a great price.

    | |
  11. 1

    I love listening to crickets on a summer evening. :-)

    | |
  12. 1

    I can’t wait for autumn to come!

    | |
  13. 1

    It’s starting to feel a little like Fall is in the air here. That’s okay, but nooooooo to winter. Extreme version of FotoFusion would be absolutely wonderful!

    | |
  14. 1
    Mark Richardson

    It’s pouring with rain here – a copy of FotoFusion would definitely be a silver lining for all those clouds!

    | |
  15. 1

    I would love to have the extreme version of fotofusion! I love the software!!

    | |
  16. 1

    Understanding lighting is key to photography. Just sayin.

    | |
  17. 1

    Hello from the Houston, TX area where the temperature is 3 degrees less than Hades but with three times the humidity! Thanks for the giveaway contest!

    | |
  18. 1

    Nice weather here in Munich, Germany, 35 degrees C

    | |
  19. 1
    Michael Crowley

    Greetings from Finland. Weather here in Kajaani Finland is quite sunny and warm.

    | |
  20. 1

    Boston is beautiful today!

    | |
  21. 1

    Definitely a great giveaway!

    | |
  22. 1
    Rosie B

    Greetings from OH!

    | |
  23. 1
    Adin Softic

    After few hours of screen recording I realized that I didn’t record any sound.

    | |
  24. 1

    Great summer, driest July on record for Vancouver.

    | |
  25. 1
    Laura C

    I still miss the Ninth doctor.

    | |
  26. 1

    waiting for a 1.8 zoom for full frame! Andrew Sible

    | |
  27. 1

    Hello there, Its super hot here in Chennai, India. Hope other are enjoying a pleasant climate.

    | |
  28. 1
    Alexander Volnikov

    Silence is Golden, but Duct Tape is Silver

    | |
  29. 1
    Alland Dharmawan

    Hello guys! It has been really cold these last few days in Malang, Indonesia.

    | |
  30. 1
    Jaroslav Kacmar

    Nice giveaway :)

    | |
  31. 1
    Jurica Zeleznjak

    Random thought of the day:
    Sprinkles are fun to photograph!

    Hello from Pula, Croatia

    | |
  32. 1
    Esther Klay

    Just returned from a fantastic trip to San Francisco, CA, USA. I have lots of photos to play with – using FotoFusion of course!!

    | |
  33. 1

    Life is wonderful when i am shooting!

    | |
  34. 1

    All the best from cloudy Rzeszow, Poland

    | |
  35. 1
    Aadithya Sharan

    I wonder how many Indians have won contests on your website.. =)

    | |
  36. 1
    Nico van der Merwe

    I should really be making myself another cup of coffee right now…

    | |
  37. 1
    Emilio Navas

    Happy Sunday to all! Greetings from Madrid, Spain.

    | |
  38. 1
    Jane Holestine

    Have a glorious day!

    | |
  39. 1
    Nathan Tang

    It’s my birthday Aug 15! Hook a brotha up!

    | |
  40. 1

    A random thought? Now I just need to pick one of the 7, 243 random thoughts going through my mind right now… :)

    | |
  41. 1
    Lori Martin

    Its 6:47 Am and we are having a much needed gentle rain….expect the Sights and Sound festival is today and I really wanted to get photos of the soap box derby :-( oh well it is early and it doesn’t start until ten. Would love this software it would make my photo’s rock ;-))

    | |
  42. 1
    Greg Faulkner

    Lovely day to be outside shooting today here in the UK!

    | |
  43. 1

    Wold love to win the software & so glad it has Mac version!

    | |
  44. 1
    Ron Vachon

    Lumapix Fotofusion is almost as awesome as my wife’s chocolate pie. Both are Yummy!

    | |
  45. 1
    Magdalena Baran

    Thank you for the giveaway! Designing albums can be a nightmare, I’d love to make the workflow more manageable! :)

    | |
  46. 1
    Elise L.

    Photography is fun!

    | |
  47. 1

    FotoFusion is the BEST program I have EVER used!
    I have tutorials for it at


    Enjoy!! Joy Morris

    | |
  48. 1

    Thanks for the great contest! I’m Eric in Florida, and it’s sunny out at the moment, I think. It’s hard to tell when sitting in a darkened room w/photoshop 12+/hrs a day lately. Have had the old version of this software for years and LOVE it – would be REALLY thrilled to get the updated all new release.

    | |
  49. 1

    I love Photography

    | |
  50. 1

    Former PC user, now a Mac user….purchased both versions so the giveaway would be great. Love to promote the software…it’s an awesome product.

    | |
  51. 1

    It’s been hot here for a month

    | |
  52. 1

    I’m Sam Chan, I’m from Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam, and the weather in my city is hot.


    Thanks Slrlounge for the great giveaway!

    | |
  53. 1
    Miriam de Bruijn

    It’s very hot in the Netherlands. Temp. 32 Celsius

    | |
  54. 1
    Sara Beth

    I’ve actually used Lumapix/Fotofusion very happily (fully paid for btw) HOWEVER…. I recently crossed from PC to MAC so my last update to V4 was not compatible with my MAC…so now I’m a super sad panda and would REALLLY love love love to be able to get back to using a software that was and is phenomenal !!!!!!! I saved time and was able to put my creative touch on every single album I designed with Fotofusion!

    | |
  55. 1

    You must be glad they’re done tearing down the hotel next door. Only 4 more years of construction to endure before the new one is built.

    | |
  56. 1
    Jennifer Pasquale

    Crossing fingers for a win!

    | |
  57. 1

    I’m looking for a longer summer

    | |
  58. 1
    Carla Liang

    Hello from Seattle!

    | |
  59. 1

    Absolutely not a random thought .. Lumapix will be a great addition

    | |
  60. 1
    Cristian Preda

    Lovely day to shoot some friends.Start with beer, have some dance and a lot of joy

    | |
  61. 1
    Rachel Sandman

    Lovely weather we are having here in North Carolina….

    | |
  62. 1
    Dennis Boyd

    Starting the morning off sitting on the deck overlooking the water reading the news and facebook.
    Yea…life is good…just have to remember to take the time to enjoy it!
    Now where’s my camera???

    | |
  63. 1
    Aaron Best

    I like Axolotls

    | |
  64. 1

    Hello from hot Jakarta! SLR Lounge is the best!!

    | |
  65. 1
    Jimmy Arcade

    Jimmy Arcade – I wonder how much post processing has taken the place of using studio backdrops… And yet, I just purchased a couple of backdrops from a yard sale that a retired photographer was running. I suppose my question will be answered, in part, when I see how much I use the backdrops.

    | |
  66. 1

    if a photographer with no front teeth tells his clients to smile, what do you think they would do?

    | |
  67. 1
    Richard Killey

    SLR Lounge is an AWESOME website, full of great ideas.

    | |
  68. 1

    Can’t wait to make some albums!

    | |
  69. 1

    Mid winter here in New Zealand – cold, flat days! Looking for good blogging software – this would be great:)! Thanks:)

    | |
  70. 1

    For once, a sunny day at the Ocoee River!

    | |
  71. 1
    Ben Gahagen

    Already subscribed to the newsletter. Nice and cool (finally) here in Ohio but about to go down to New Orleans tomorrow for a botany conference.

    | |
  72. 1
    Bridget Luna

    I could spend HOURS on the SLRLounge webpage!

    | |
  73. 1
    Michael Roberts

    Michael Roberts here and I love snicker bar ice cream. Coincidentally hot in PDX right now, so I think I’ll have to snag one.

    | |
  74. 1
    Giovanni Ianniello

    An hot night in nord italy!

    | |
  75. 1

    Eric just wondering how busy everyone will be next week.

    | |
  76. 1
    Lee Germeroth

    Hi, I’m Lee Germeroth and I could really use this software because I have to make 5 album designs within the next two weeks…

    | |
  77. 1
    YI R

    I’m in IL. So nice today, this week is the best week in summer. all around 75F degree. Time to take some photo outside.

    | |
  78. 1

    Josie … this rain is not fun!

    | |
  79. 1
    Richard Bremer

    Man, I love the smell of melting speedlights in the morning. But they really need more output (or Priolite heads need to become 50% cheaper).

    | |
  80. 1

    Hi!(: how is everyone going? Today in my country is sunny!

    | |
  81. 1
    Omar Donez

    HI SLR Lounge. Here in Juarez Mexico, we had a big thunderstorm and I couldn’t sleep.

    | |
  82. 1

    WoW… love fotofusion for years… looking forward to have the version 5 soon ;-)

    | |
  83. 1

    Hello! Talking about the weather is like scrapping a knee, it hurts! Is insanely hot here in Puerto Rico!… In the other hand the weather is great for a nice “PiƱa Colada” :)

    | |
  84. 1

    Penguins are cool.

    | |
  85. 1

    It’s going to be a hot day here in Bakersfield. The dogs are licking themselves silly. I am contending with what should I start working on .. for my day job. I have so many things to deal with, but I can’t seem to prioritize. So I decided to take a break and look at SLRLounge.
    And I got my new sandals and mid-height backpacking boots. My old Tevas broke after about years of taking me on daily dog walks, an occasional sprint behind a runaway pup, lounging around campsites in the sierras, beaches of Thailand, Yosemite. I will miss those Tevas. I am wearing my new ones right now. In the house… just to see how they feel. I don’t like them as much. Perhaps I am holding them up to a really high standard: My old Tevas were bought for less then 1/2 their original price in the REI used gear sale.
    My hiking boots are to replace my older ones that I gave away on the way back from Peru a couple of years ago. Since then I’ve been using my trailrunners as backpacking boots too. Yeah.. I know. That’s just silly. But I don’t like to gather too much stuff.
    Does software count as “stuff” ? I am not sure… It doesn’t take up much physical space. But it does take up mental space. Well… we will see. If this will help me create something useful and interesting, why not?
    Have I been rambling? I guess so… I am a fast typer. Oh.. that reminds me, I need to clip my finger nails. They’ve grown long enough to bother me while typing.

    | |
  86. 1
    Nick Widjaja

    I’m hungry!!! Hope I win!!

    | |
  87. 1
    Henning de Beer

    Nevermind the weather – but thank you for a fantastic giveaway!

    | |
  88. 1
    David Wolnik

    Been raining here in El Paso.

    | |
  89. 1
    Alan Chapman

    Its raining in Phoenix AZ and its still over 100deg out there. :)

    | |
  90. 1
    Eric Guerra

    Nice day in California to shoot photos

    | |
  91. 1

    Howdy from Brantford Ontario. Canada….:)

    | |
  92. 1

    Greetings from Sunny Florida…time to shoot some heads!!

    | |
  93. 1
    Neil G

    I need a beer. Cheers! =)

    | |
  94. 1
    Julio J Gonzalez M

    Sunny day! , Helloooo!! :D My name is Julio , just need to write here: SLRL > all ^^ cya

    | |
  95. 1
    Stephanie Mitchell

    Heyy! My name is Stephanie and I *LOVE* SLR Lounge!!! Keep up with the great tips and photography information! :)

    | |
  96. 1

    Living for Summers in Chicago!! (and the cool off this week has been glorious to sleep with windows open!!)

    | |
  97. 1

    Adin Softic

    Today it’s so hot that I can’t even think!

    | |
  98. 1
    Buddy Garrett

    The weather is nice. It is cool and no rain.

    | |
  99. 1
    Bhavin Patel

    The weather in Chicago is beautiful and so is the skyline for wonderful photos!

    | |
  100. 1


    | |
  101. 1
    Amanda H.

    Hi, I’m not going to talk about the weather cause it is summer, and it’s hot everywhere.
    So my random and kinda cool thought: I was born on Friday the 13th!

    Good luck to everyone! :]

    | |
  102. 1
    Tsesmetzis Vasilis

    Hope I am the winner.

    | |
  103. 1
    Kelsey Bitney

    Rest day for this marathoner!

    | |
  104. 1

    Awesome contest!

    | |
  105. 1

    The heat continues in the California high desert – Arizona is sharing its humid clouds but not the rain!

    | |
  106. 1
    Gregg Lowrimore

    Colorado Blue! Looking forward to an awesome fall colors shoot!

    | |
  107. 1
    jamie paris

    Hope I am the winner.

    | |
  108. 1

    I think I will stay home from work today & enjoy the sunshine.

    | |
  109. 1
    Marc espina

    We all have photographic memories, but not all of us have film.

    | |
  110. 1
    Alex Louie

    Apparently blasting gorillas in the face with lightning gives them electrical powers, according to King Kong vs Godzilla.

    | |
  111. 1

    Nice meeting you all! :)

    | |
  112. 1
    Joseph Godlewski

    I love toys

    | |
  113. 1
    Bob Davis

    Would Love to Win this ..

    | |
  114. 1
    Louis Weyl

    It’s a boy Mrs. Walker it’s a boy…

    | |
  115. 1

    Eight six seven five three oh nine! (earworm)

    | |
  116. 1
    Darla Aniline

    Am already an email subscriber to your newsletter. I love the content, thanks! Being on a shoe-string budget right now, I’m hoping to have the opportunity to win a free license to Fotofusion V5! Planning a large creative photography session next week in Southern Indiana – 3 models and a plethora of beautiful horses. Hoping to boost my traffic and clientele with this one. Cheers all.

    | |
  117. 1

    Helloo from Perth! would love to get my hands on this piece of software!

    | |
  118. 1

    My Babies are growing way to fast! :( My son is 4 and my babu giel is 1!!!!

    | |
  119. 1

    Bao from AZ. We’re expecting some rain today to cool down the summer heat. Thank you for the opportunity!

    | |
  120. 1
    Pasolli Philipp

    Definitely would like to win this piece of software!

    | |
  121. 1

    If a bear falls in the woods, and no one is there to photograph it…does it still make a sound?

    | |
  122. 1
    Anthony Riordan

    Ba ba ba ba barbara ann, Ba ba ba ba barbara ann

    Barbara ann, take my hand
    Barbara ann
    You got me rockin and a-rollin
    Rockin and a-reelin
    Barbara ann ba ba
    Ba barbara ann!

    | |
  123. 1
    Melissa Marks

    Hello from Toronto Canada!

    | |
  124. 1

    Lovely day for a lovely contest! What happens to you when your fan breaks in summer?!

    | |
  125. 1
    Greg H

    I use this software at work and would love to have my own copy. Speaking of weather, here in Indiana it has been so pleasant hard to not want to be outside.

    | |
  126. 1

    Awesome giveaway. Thanks for opportunity. Time start my day here in NYC. Heat wave finally broke. Lookin fwd to enjoying beautiful weather today. Have a great day !

    | |
  127. 1
    Laural Russell

    I don’t know what the weather is here because I just woke up! But who can resist a free give away! I think I deserve to win because its my birthday (in a few months). :)

    | |
  128. 1

    Awesome giveaway guys!

    | |
  129. 1
    Annette G

    Hi there from Nebraska! Today I get to watch my “grandpuppy”. =)

    | |
  130. 1
    Anita Watkins

    My name is Anita Watkins and I am watching my kitten pounce on my poor dog’s head!

    | |
  131. 1

    This could be the answer. I’m so buried in editing right now with albums stalking me, waiting to be designed!

    | |
  132. 1
    Oren Levin

    A photo a day keeps the doctor away.

    | |
  133. 1

    Carlos From Venezuela, excited to see if i can win :) thank you for this opportunity!

    | |
  134. 1
    Aldert Cuperus

    NIce weather overhere (Netherlands). To bad I have to work..

    | |
  135. 1

    Hi, today I’m going to win the Fotofusion give-away! :)

    | |
  136. 1
    Shane Lord

    Driving to Buffalo, NY today. Good lucky everybody!

    | |
  137. 1
    perry douglass photography

    Beautiful morning in NW Pennsylvania! Do something to make the world a little better today!

    | |
  138. 1
    Chris Knopff

    When it comes to photography and editing, this has never been my forte. But there is someone I know that could benefit from this that is a photography artist.

    | |
  139. 1
    Michael Ragusa

    What a great day here in SC. The weather is wonderful and so is SLR Lounge.

    | |
  140. 1
    Gregor Klein

    Jazz forever :)

    | |
  141. 1

    Good Morning, we have the start of a beautiful day here in Kentucky!! Great contest!

    | |
  142. 1
    Kris Blackburn

    Who can take a sunrise? Sprinkle it in dew. Cover it in chocolate and a miracle or two…

    | |
  143. 1
    Laura Gallagher

    This would be an amazing thing to win.

    | |
  144. 1
    Paul Thompson

    Great software, still using version 3+ for now…

    | |
  145. 1
    Mark Wuttke

    Just waking up on the east coast.

    | |
  146. 1
    Eddie Felix

    I like salad.

    | |
  147. 1
    Melissa Connors

    Hi! This summer is going by way too fast! Can’t believe July is just about over. I waited so long for summer as winter last year seamed endless. Our last huge snow storm was May 12th, Mother’s Day and we received almost a foot of snow. I swore I would never complain about heat in summer again and I haven’t. I love summer!

    | |
  148. 1
    rashid raja

    well we’ve had the sun, we’ve had the stupidly hot days and now we have rain!!! We love the british weather oh so much… we’ve been complaining that its too hot, now were going to complain that we’ve not had a proper summer!!!!

    | |
  149. 1
    Doug Gandle

    A beautiful morning in Stuttgart today ^^

    | |
  150. 1
    Ben Watson

    Haircut tonight WOOO!

    | |
  151. 1

    Looking forward to use it !

    – Yousef

    | |
  152. 1

    I need a coffee.

    | |
  153. 1

    I like turtles.

    | |
  154. 1

    Great opportunity. Thank you :)

    | |
  155. 1
    Aggelos Loukatos

    Damn, it’s not raining today!

    | |
  156. 1
    Ernie E

    I got up in the middle of the night, but now I’m gonna go back to sleep!

    | |
  157. 1
    Robert Turton

    Great prize :D – the weather here in “Rainy England” is scorching :D lol

    | |
  158. 1
    S F

    Sunny greets from Finland! Good hunting! :)

    | |
  159. 1
    Alexandra Zeevy

    It’s a glorious morning in sunny Tel Aviv!
    Wishing you all a fantastic day… and good luck too!

    | |
  160. 1

    its 1am and this is not letting me sleep! ….at ALL!!

    | |
  161. 1
    toby reynolds

    Hi my name is Toby and I am thinking of switching from Nikon to Canon FF!!

    | |
  162. 1

    hi there! it’s getting tooo hot in here. Thank you so much!

    | |
  163. 1
    John Rich Villas

    It’s sunny here in Manila, Philippines. “it’s more fun in the Philippines” and I’m about to start my shoot. :)

    | |
  164. 1
    Giancarlo Bruno

    How much wood could a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

    | |
  165. 1
    Ronald Smith

    Random thought? Hmm, well, I could easily get in trouble for that, so I’ll be cautious, lol. Anyway, my random thought to share here is that it’s amazing the coincidence that this popped up in my feed, because my wife is working toward her own photography business, and this software would help her out amazingly well. Thanks for this epic opportunity, and may God bless all who enter with an even chance to win!

    | |
  166. 1
    Tony Tomlinson

    Sun, sun and more sun. Big up to SLR Lounge. Keep up the good work

    | |
  167. 1

    Such a good day to create photo albums :)

    | |
  168. 1
    David Nutter

    Thanks for this great opportunity! As for the weather here in New York State, we finally got at least a little reprieve from the horrid temps and humidity!

    | |
  169. 1
    Matthew Chin

    HELLO! Its night now and its still hot here. I have 4 fans on now! Ah, summer in Jamaica. Is is possible for my computer to overheat? I still have some photos to edit and I don’t want anything to slow me down. Is it possible to leave a comment too long? I tend to ramble a lot. I always try not to. Is this thought random enough? Is this even a thought??? WHAT IF I DON’T WIN??? Can thoughts be this long??? I NEED ANSWERS. Anyways, thanks for the giveaway! Hopefully I don’t lose. Losing is generally something people don’t want to do. I should stop typing and get back to the editing. See ya!

    | |
  170. 1

    Hi there, Love the weather over here. Elvera.

    | |
  171. 1
    Adelle Lumalang

    If you really wanna know, weather here in the Middle East, Abu Dhabi UAE particularly, is at its peak with mercury rising as high as 55 degree Celsius, like right about now it reads 38C but feels like 55C, (100.4F/131F) how crazy hot is that? With that said, we cant shoot outdoors ;( so it’d be awesome to get a new awesome software to play with to keep me amused while staying indoors. Cheers!

    | |
  172. 1

    HI Guys, SHANG LING SEE here, It’s a very hazy day in Georgetown, Penang. Feeling dizzy.

    | |
  173. 1
    Summer Crook

    Hi everyone! Very late, or very early here in AL, depending on how you look at it! Love SLR Lounge btw. Always enjoy you guys and learn a ton, thanks so much! I especially love “Tuesdays with Laurie”!

    | |
  174. 1

    looking forward to winning!

    | |
  175. 1
    Yonatan Halperin

    “In the desert the skies are so clear you could almost count the stars, but there are too many”

    | |
  176. 1
    Drew Wohlford

    Thank you very much for the opportunity

    | |
  177. 1

    Lovely morning here to sift through photos to edit. Happy shooting to all :)

    | |
  178. 1
    Jaimie Sue Manning

    Hi Guys, here in Perth Australia the weather here is miserable! What’s the weather like were you are?

    | |