Portrait and wedding photographers who shoot on-location are always looking for new ways to get the best quality lighting without having to lug around an entire studio setup.  Especially in low-light conditions, a constant light source (AKA a video light, a hot light, etc.) can be extremely useful!  With just a couple hand-held “light guns”, you can create almost anything.

The Lowel GL-1 is a new product designed by John Solano and Brian Marcus to be the ultimate light gun for on-location photographers!  We’ll have a full review coming soon, but for now check out our brief introduction to this awesome new product!

The Highlights (Pun Intended?)

  • Variable light beam zoom for both wide, even lighting and narrow, “snooted” style lighting.
  • Variable intensity using the analog trigger mode.
  • Dual-charger allows for charging batteries outside the gun and inside.

 Sample Images

lotus-engagement-photo-0001 copy

ra-sls-hotel-beverly-hills-photography-0014-c copy

More Info

To see more sample images with the Lowel GL-1 and to get pricing information, click HERE to visit gl1hotlight.com!