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Love Your Lines : Beauty In The Marks

By Teagan Alex on September 7th 2014

Life has a way of changing us, not just our personalities, but also our bodies. We bear scars, wrinkles, scrapes and bruises – all of which are proof that we are living our lives and experiencing the world around us.


In a society where people are hypercritical about their bodies and the way they are viewed, it is no wonder we struggle as a society to wear our marks with pride.


Two mothers decided to change all that. After having  a conversation on how childbirth changed their bodies, they decided they were going to embrace the change instead of concealing it. So they started @loveyourlines, an Instagram account that encourages women to celebrate their bodies, show their stretch marks, and be proud of what they have accomplished.


Photos are submitted by women around the world, along with a short inspiring story of their personal relationship with the lines on their bodies. They range from stories of pregnancy to stories of overcoming grave illnesses. This was a way to show society the acceptance and resilience they have about their bodies.


To see their inspiring photographs, and read their incredible stories, click here.

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Teagan Alex is an Event and Fine Art Photographer based in Salt Lake City Utah. She believes that all people are inherently beautiful, and loves to capture the details of the world around her.

She received her BFA degree from UVU in photography and since has been published in books and magazines, multiple gallery shows, and won best in show for her work. Visit her website at and connect with her via Facebookor Instagram.

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  1. desmond chislom


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  2. Mark Iuzzolino

    Brave and sincere.

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  3. Wendell Fernandes

    Would be awesome to have one day to shoot in NIGER (Country) for a full week!

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  4. Andrew Van Arb

    These marks are battle scars that were earned, wonderful piece right here. Too many people let society and unreal expectations weigh them down. It is awesome that these ladies “own it”.

    | |
    • Hannes Nitzsche

      That’s a great way of looking at it! Well said, mate!

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    • Dre Rolle

      Totally agree. It takes a lot of courage to do what those women did, people forget that what really matters is how you feel about yourself. Nothing someone else says should have the power to take away your happiness or make you feel like a lesser person.

      | |