Loupedeck was born as an idea to make editing´s workflow smoother and more enjoyable to those photographers and videographers who spend the same time (or more) behind the computer than behind the camera. 

While constantly evolving and looking for ways to improve the creative process, the company launched the Loupedeck+, a console custom-built to enhance the Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe Photoshop, and Final Cut Pro X editing experiences.

Time after, they released their most premium device, the Loupedeck CT, a console upgraded with buttons, dials, and touchscreens to completely customize, and organize anyone´s personal way of working

Their most recent solution is the Loupedeck Live, a device that sits between the Loupedeck+ and the Loupedeck CT. In a nutshell, let´s say that the Loupedeck Live is the top half of the CT with a much affordable price point. 

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What is Loupedeck Live?

At its core, it’s an input device: a mix of buttons, knobs, and a touch screen. What makes it useful is its ability to adapt to different pieces of software and to be completely customized to put different shortcuts at your fingertips. With the Loupedeck Live, you can control your stream, cut videos, edit photos, control your music, and more without ever needing to take your right hand off the mouse.

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Added value

At the moment, purchasing the Loupedeck Live means getting all creative plugins and all live-streaming plugins without additional costs. Of course, this also means having an unlimited custom profile selection. It seems that the company took action after listening to users´ feedback in this regard. 

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Application Compatibility 

  • Live streaming:
    • Streamlabs and OBS Studio 
    • Twitch 
  • Creative:
  • Others:
    • Spotify 
    • Custom Profiles (to be created or downloaded) 
    • Operating System Control (for any Mac or Windows users)


  • Display: 4.3-inch 480×272-pixel LCD with capacitive touch panel
  • Buttons: 8 round shape push-buttons with RGB backlight
  • Rotation encoders: 6 endless rotation encoders with detents and push-button
  • Dimensions: 150x110x30mm 
  • Weight: 230g
  • Price: $269 – Adorama | B&H | Amazon

Part of the ecosystem

As with Loupedeck’s previous consoles, they see it as an extension of your keyboard, mouse, and pen to offer easier access to your commonly used shortcuts and tools. While the name would suggest that it’s designed primarily for live streamers (and it is), it also offers much of the same functionality as the Loupedeck CT for photographers and content creators.

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Targeting a different audience 

The Loupedeck Live is aimed at streamers above all else, especially during 2020, a time that has seen more people clustered from homes and therefore, working in a different way. A number of users have used the Loupedeck CT for streaming, but for most people, the cost might be too high if they are not squeezing the whole potential of the device for editing purposes. The Loupedeck Live might just help to bridge that gap.

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Solutions for Streamers and Content Creators

Running a live-stream is quite a multitasking challenge – between playing the game and chatting with the viewers, managing all the elements of the stream can be quite demanding. Loupedeck Live gives you full control at the tap of a button. Go live in seconds, effortlessly switch scenes and sources, or adjust audio channels on the fly are just a few possibilities. 

Loupedeck Live General 1 7 FINAL Cam 01

Capture, compose, create, edit, process, and publish is also smooth through this device. Loupedeck Live is designed to handle all of your creative needs and quickly adapts to your unique workflow with customizable options.

Loupedeck w/ Premiere Pro (Via the SLR Lounge Video Team)

Efficiency in editing improved noticeably and substantially, minimal movement to make cuts, splices, move to edit points, ripple delete, etc.

Loupedeck Live Streamer 2 4 FINAL Cam 01

With buttons programmed for specific editing routines, what was usually a series of complicated keyboard shortcuts can be even further shortened to a few sequences of taps.

The ability to scroll through the timeline at predetermined increments has probably been the best feature due to the quick and easy precision with which I can place edit points, markers, in/out points, keyframes, and shifting clips. This is the biggest time saver for me.

The option to switch layouts to new button arrangements allows for minimal keyboard interaction if at all and lets you sit back like a potato-like all editors likely do and get everything done by hardly moving an inch.

It’s only a matter of time until Charlie Chaplin’s automatic feeder becomes a modern editing suite accessory and we can finally start to live like the humans from Wall-e. Joking aside, the Loupedeck is an effective tool, a one-up from gaming keypads, and can consolidate unnecessary and complex editing commands into a tray of easily accessible and precise buttons and knobs and is a must-have if efficiency and simplification are major concerns in your editing process.

Loupedeck Live vs CT

Where the CT is set up as a multiprogram tool and is twice the size with a large touchscreen dial and two sets of buttons, the Live is designed specifically with streaming in mind as mentioned before. 

Loupedeck Live Creator 3 2 FINAL Cam 01

It offers all of the usual customizations through the Loupedeck desktop application and allows you to quickly and easily map all your favorite tools, shortcut keys, and macros just as the top half of the Loupedeck CT does. For most photographers and people who aren’t doing video editing, this could be a nice way to get most of the functionality you want from the Loupedeck CT but with a lower price tag.

Does it overlap with other Loupedeck´s devices? 

The interaction between the user and the Loupedeck Live is quite different than the experience operating the Loupedeck+, as the latest focuses more on Lightroom. As mentioned before, the Live is closer to the CT. If you already have the latest and are wondering why you would need/want to get the new device, the might reason may fall in its portability as a travel solution for editing/streaming.   


  • Input array is very useful
  • Seamless app switching
  • Extremely customizable
  • Free official and un-official plug-ins


  • Wired and not Bluetooth
  • Travel case costs extra (will be available soon)

Final thoughts

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What we have here is a product that is genuinely cool and uniquely useful to streamers and content creators. This is the kind of device that once you use it and get used to it, it’s hard to go without it. 

There is simply no competition to the level of customization and control the Live brings. However, you really need to take your time and learn how to customize it, before it really starts to meet its potential.

For sure, Loupedeck Live will help a lot of people to spend less time worrying about shortcuts and more time streaming and creating.

Check Pricing & Availability of the Loupedeck Live Here;

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