Loupedeck, the company behind the custom photo and video editing console that makes editing faster and more intuitive, today launches the newest addition to the Loupedeck product lineup: the Loupedeck Creative Tool. Facing the rising demand for a more versatile tool for professional grade editing, the Loupedeck Creative Tool introduces a powerful and highly adaptable user interface, designed to work in sync with all editing tools and software. Combined with exceptional build quality and design, the Loupedeck Creative Tool places the tools you use right at your fingertips with buttons, dials, and touchscreens completely customizable to your own personal work style.

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Created for professionals required to work across all facets of the creative editing and design process, the Loupedeck Creative Tool provides native support for Adobe Lightroom Classic, Photoshop, Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X for photo and video editing in addition to the company’s first-ever integrations with Ableton Live for music production and Adobe Illustrator for design and digital illustration. Compatibility with Autodesk Fusion 360 can be expected by the close of 2019 with further integrations to be announced in the new year. Like Loupedeck+, the Creative Tool is a natural extension of your keyboard, mouse, tablet and pen for absolute precision and enhancement to the creation workflow.

Loupedeck Creative Console Detail
Loupedeck Creative Console Detailed Shot

Key benefits and capabilities of the Loupedeck Creative Tool include:

  • Ready to go right out of the box with an ever-growing set of native integrations with your favorite industry software.
  • Premium build quality with aluminum cover and dials, LED backlight, touchscreens, machine-quality ball bearing and more.
  • Portability, equipped with a removable USB cable, making it easy to move and use wherever you are.
  • Designated set of preset workspaces, specific to each integration, dedicated to each stage of the editing process, that can be fully customized to match your unique workflow.
  • Ability to use the tools and functions from your favorite software from one consistent user interface.
  • Fully adaptable to almost all creative environments, allowing you to move freely between software, and can even help you manage and control your operating system.
  • Control everything with one hand in precise increments, giving you a truly personalized and enhanced editing experience.

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“The rise in popularity of professional editing within the digital workspace has sparked a new generation of creative professionals who require absolute precision, versatility, portability and endless customization possibilities in the tools they use, which was considered in the design and development of the Loupedeck Creative Tool,” said Mikko Kesti, Founder and CEO of Loupedeck. “This new console continues to deliver an ergonomic and intuitive experience that creatives seek, while introducing more scalability and customization options needed to enhance. We continually strive to design products that meet the expectations and demands of our users and the Creative Tool is no different. Based on feedback provided by our dedicated professional and amateur creator communities, the Creative Tool delivers on our promise to help tackle the most demanding of creative undertakings.”

Loupedeck Creative Console
Loupedeck Creative Console Angled View

The Loupedeck Creative Tool is now available for purchase exclusively in the Loupedeck Online store and B&H Photo Video for $549. Shipping will start on November 11th. The device is currently compatible with Adobe Lightroom Classic, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Illustrator and Ableton Live, with expected support for Autodesk Fusion 360 later this year. Additional integrations can be expected in the new year. We’ve already put in a request to review this tool so expect to see that in the coming weeks. In the mean time, if you have any questions or things you’d like to see tested in this tool, let us know in the comments below!

Loupedeck Creative Console
Loupedeck Creative Console
Loupedeck Creative Console
Loupedeck Creative Console

Loupedeck is now accepting open integration requests by third party developers, interested in expanding our software compatibility by creating a hardware enabled integration. For more information please visit www.loupedeck.com/en/developer.

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For more detailed information on how to use the Loupedeck CT check the videos below

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