According to the latest rumblings out of the Canon rumor mill, not only will the Canon 7D replacement camera have a “revolutionary” sensor, but it will have “a lot of 1D X” in it. What exactly that means is up for debate, but from the sounds of it, Canon is building a monster APS-C flagship camera.


That is not all, as has been reported previously, the Canon 7D and other Canon announcements are expected to be made on September 4th or 5th (depending on your location in the world). In addition to the new APS-C flagship, Canon is also expected to announce a handful of lenses targeted at a variety of budgets.


Lenses like the 100-400mm replacement, and some super zoom EF-S lenses are possible. Also on the plate could be a lens targeted towards Canon 6D owners, a full frame 28-300-esqe lens may be in the works for lower budget full frame shooters.

Regardless of the talk, it seems that Canon is looking to make a splash at Photokina this year. The question is, how big of a splash will it be? They say the new sensor is “revolutionary.” What does that new tech have in store for us? I can’t wait to find out…

[via Canon Rumors]