‘Lots Of 1D X’ In the 7D Replacement According to Latest Rumblings

July 30th 2014 3:42 PM

According to the latest rumblings out of the Canon rumor mill, not only will the Canon 7D replacement camera have a “revolutionary” sensor, but it will have “a lot of 1D X” in it. What exactly that means is up for debate, but from the sounds of it, Canon is building a monster APS-C flagship camera.


That is not all, as has been reported previously, the Canon 7D and other Canon announcements are expected to be made on September 4th or 5th (depending on your location in the world). In addition to the new APS-C flagship, Canon is also expected to announce a handful of lenses targeted at a variety of budgets.


Lenses like the 100-400mm replacement, and some super zoom EF-S lenses are possible. Also on the plate could be a lens targeted towards Canon 6D owners, a full frame 28-300-esqe lens may be in the works for lower budget full frame shooters.

Regardless of the talk, it seems that Canon is looking to make a splash at Photokina this year. The question is, how big of a splash will it be? They say the new sensor is “revolutionary.” What does that new tech have in store for us? I can’t wait to find out…

[via Canon Rumors]



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  1. image.jpg4
    Andy O’Dowd

    Oh crikey! I’m going to have to hold my nerve and not rush out and buy this but see what comes after this.

  2. YO2011.jpeg1
    Pablo Gil

    Ummm, Something Big?
    A medium format camera.

    • image.jpg4
      Andy O’Dowd

      I thought that too. I wonder if dslr manufacturers are going to push medium format as the new dslr/full frame now that mirrorless is taking a hold…

  3. 5
    Sean John Zanderecza

    took them long enough.. may be a bit too long, since people are now switching platform -_-

  4. self.jpg1
    Sham B

    Well, its going to have to be good because so much has changed since the last release. Its got to compete with the fact that the time for the full size APS-C body has probably gone: advanced compacts (Fuji-X, A6000 and potentially also m43rds) are now compelling alternatives, plus from the other end, the 7D has to be cost friendly against cheaper full frames that are now getting down to APS-C levels: A7/A7R are now *very* cheap for recently released full frames.

    Even niche stuff like the BMPCC has just halved in price, so there’s a rich market of cool stuff already out there atm.

    A 7D Mk 2 with better connectivity and 10% better imaging/focusing specs just won’t cut it, but I’m guessing that’s what we will see (its what we got for the A77 Mk 2, which is the closest and most recent like-for-like APS-C upgrade).

    • default-avatar.jpg14
      Stan Rogers

      You’re making some unwarranted assumptions there. The most die-hard 7D users I know are all either sportsters or birders, people who use big glass, high shutter speeds under adverse lighting conditions and high frame rates, and yet are pretty sure they’d rather be working with a $5000 lens than a $12000 lens. Even though a 300/2.8 isn’t as big as the monsters get, matching it to a miniature body isn’t going to work for any reasonable meaning of the word “work”.

  5. 12096000_10153171245684013_1977723213241257596_n.jpg15
    Matthew Saville

    Hmm, a lot of the 1DX in it? So basically, it’s an APS-C 5D mk3. Got it.

    As others have mentioned, unfortunately the problem at this point is, how much can an optical viewfinder / traditional system still compete with the likes of the Sony A6000 and Fuji X-T1? The Sony A6000 offers autofocus power almost on par with the flagships, and 12 FPS. For a fraction of the price and weight, too.

    Admittedly, I’m still a very big fan of OVF DSLRs like my Nikon D800 and D5300, and I’m hoping for a D400 just like Canon users are hoping for this 7D mk2. But the reasons I still prefer these systems over a mirrorless system are dwindling fast, and I don’t know how much longer they can hold onto that edge. In fact my own reasons are pretty quirky, and for 75-90% of general hobbyist photographers who ask, I wholeheartedly recommend mirrorless cameras at this point…


    • 05-16-2014-19-02-34.JPG6
      Dave Lyons

      Personally I don’t want a camera smaller than a d7000 already is. I don’t wanna be holding a lil girly camera in my hand like a tea cup… I like smaller, lighter women but i want a man sized camera that I can hold steady.

      I won’t hold my breathe on this “revolutionary sensor” either, right now the only thing canon folks have bragging rights to on this over d7100 are bigger buffer and faster shooting but if this new sensor actually has competing IQ and DR it will slow those speeds down and I doubt surpass the sony sensor.

    • 05-16-2014-19-02-34.JPG6
      Dave Lyons

      ” it will have “a lot of 1D X” in it”
      So the AF won’t work in the cold?? ;)

    • default-avatar.jpg14
      Stan Rogers

      Can we please knock it off with the brand slamming?

    • 05-16-2014-19-02-34.JPG6
      Dave Lyons

      brand slamming is essential, i personally don’t wanna know only the good points to products but I want the bad as well and even if its personal opinion it carries some merit and the average user doesn’t even think about these things until it’s pushed in their face.

      Sorry if you don’t like it but the world consists of more than just you…

    • default-avatar.jpg14
      Stan Rogers

      Absolute nonsense, Dave. There’s objective analysis on a case-by-case basis, and then there’s what you’re engaged in, which is essentially slagging Canon from a Nikonista’s POV. (I don’t particularly like Canon, but that’s because of the silly location of the rear control wheel, to which my right thumb has not had access since the original EOS 1.) Nobody comes out clean here, and nobody will until the One Perfect Camera rolls off the line sometime in 2879. The last thing I want to see is every single discussion about photography turning into the mess that is the DPReview forums/comment stream.

    • 12096000_10153171245684013_1977723213241257596_n.jpg15
      Matthew Saville

      That’s nice for you, Dave, that you prefer bigger / heavier cameras. Try backpacking with 3-4 of those cameras (and full-frame lenses?) for an adventure photo project or two, and you’ll come around to the thought of an A6000, or the D5300 I currently own.

      Sure, I prefer a heftier camera for certain things, and I understand that many others do too. However IMO there is a HUGE market for ultra-light cameras that offer not just professional image quality, but also control and customizability.


  6. 621761_10151659286906647_1953540503_o.jpg14
    Austin Swenson

    I hope for Canon’s sake that they throw something in the lion’s den for all the Canonites to chew on. They have been so HUNGRY!!!!

  7. Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 4.47.20 PM.png16
    Rafael Steffen

    Imagine if the camera comes out with the GRIP or battery holder as built in feature. That would be something very cool to have. I hope Nikon does something like that too for their new D400.

    • 5
      William Emmett

      Hopefully Canon will not include the battery grip on the 7D II. Why, I feel a camera should be produced for the multitude, not the few big handed pros, or amateurs. Adding a grip would add weight, and make the camera more cumbersome to user who does not need added battery power. Continuing to make the battery pack, or grip a add on is great when installed when needed.


    • 12096000_10153171245684013_1977723213241257596_n.jpg15
      Matthew Saville

      Fear not, William Emmett, Canon has never produced a flagship-style APS-C body (1.6x) in the past, and now certainly isn’t the time for them to start. The 7D mk2’s battery grip will definitely be optional…


  8. IMG_87522.jpg10

    Am now much eager to see what the canonites will be getting

  9. 12
    Joram J

    That 28-300 sounds nice. Since i’m looking around for one as a travel companion.