Negativity. Criticism. Loss of Confidence.

As photographers, we like to share our creations. And because we share our art on the internet, sooner or later, we may come across some negative criticism. Some are constructive. Some are just, as we call it, haters (You may remember our article about how haters are destroying the photography industry). In a way, as photographers, we do have to have a thick skin.

But what happens when criticism starts to get under your skin? What if you start losing confidence in yourself as a photographer?

Peta Pixel has a good article about How to Overcome a Crisis of Confidence with your Photography on some of the things you can do to keep yourself in check and not get bogged down with negativity.

One of the most important tips that I got from there is to remember to not take all criticism at equal value. If the comment is coming from a photographer who has a quality body of work, his or her comment may be worth more attention. But if that person is just being negative for negative’s sake, then brush it off.

Stop focusing on the negativity; focus on growth.

Here are a couple of my own tips:

  • Surround yourself with positive people who can be your role models, too, including other photographers, other creatives, and successful business people.
  • Be inspired. When you see the works of photographers you admire, don’t say “I can’t do that/I can’t be that good.” Ask yourself, “how can I do that/how can I become that good?”
  • Revisit some of your old, old work. See how far you have become. Most people don’t know this, but I have only been shooting for about a year myself:(Fotosiamo.com). When I look at the very first photos I took with off-camera lighting, I can definitely say that I have come a long way.
  • Also look at some of your best images. Remember that you do have talent.
  • Keep learning. Be a sponge and be excited to expand your knowledge and limits.

So there it is folks. Be sure to read our article, how haters are destroying the photography industry, and Peta Pixel’s How to Overcome a Crisis of Confidence with your Photography.

What are some tips that you have in keeping up your confidence?

Stay creative!