We had a blast yesterday teaching at the Los Angeles SMUG (Smug Mug User Group). Thanks again to Chris Schmitt for inviting us out. We had so much information to talk about that we were modifying our presentation down to the wire. Which did actually result in a few unfortunate deleted slides and awkward moments which those that were there witnessed ;) But, all in all it was awesome.

Apparently there were quite a few that couldn’t make it since we had nearly 140 RSVPs and only half in attendance, tisk tisk tisk. What happened to all you slackers? Was it the horrid Los Angeles traffic? Cause we enjoyed a good 2 hours of that on the way up from Orange County. Anyway, if you didn’t make it we spoke on business strategy, branding and image, website usability, SEO and web marketing.

It is tough cramming days worth of information into 2 hours, but hopefully everyone was able to walk away with a few golden tidbits to help their studio and business. What would you guys think about us doing like a 2 day intensive workshop on Strategy, Branding and Web Marketing? Perhaps if it is something you guys want, we can plan for something like that later this year.

Anyway, for now we just wanted to say it was wonderful meeting you all. We had such a blast and we were delighted to meet so many wonderful fellow photographers. Below, you can download the full presentation PowerPoint file, though it probably won’t make too much sense unless you were at the meeting since it is very abbreviated. But, if you were there, this should help you guys have a little guide of things to continue researching.

Thanks again everyone!

Download the PowerPoint Presentation Here

— Post Production Pye