It that appears video sharing is the new social media battle ground, just after Facebook/Instagram stole Vine/Twitter’s Thunder it has now been announced that Yahoo has acquired Qwiki. The move comes as Yahoo battles to remain relevant in this digital world continually dominated by social media.


In case you have not heard of Qwiki, I hadn’t before coming across this, it is a mobile “vine style” video sharing app that has a collection of filters that can be used. Users can also add transitions, and music to their videos. Once a user is done collecting and editing their material its easy to “Post a Qwiki” for all your friends to check out.

Beyond the rather interesting choice of name, I personally see nothing about this app that looks to really threaten Vine or Instagram right away. That said, if Yahoo is serious about playing in the social media playground this would be a good way to get started. Assuming they don’t let he app rot, a semi-valid concern, this could be a nice acquisition for them.

Here are a few example “Qwiki” videos:

After seeing some of the videos that are being made with the app it seems to be pretty neat. I don’t see the same sort of viral growth potential that Vine experienced, but the videos are quality (well, as much as phone created videos can be). Its actually pretty impressive given that these were supposedly edited on an Iphone.

Have you used Qwiki? What are your thoughts on the Yahoo acquisition? Let us know in a comment below.