Jake Estes of B&H Photography recently attended Sony Kando 3.0 where he took a trip to Paulina Falls in central Oregon for some long-exposure photography action.  As a video person, Jake isn’t often “exposed” to long exposure photography, so this trip was very exciting for him and a great chance to learn from some amazing Sony instructors and peers.

Lessons on Long Exposure from Sony Kando 3.0

Kando is Sony’s core philosophy, and its meaning can be roughly translated to “The power of emotional connection.”  Needless to say, the Kando trip is all about connection, taking creatives to beautiful locations around Sunriver, Oregon.  The goal for the creatives who experience the Kando trip is to learn new ways to create, share, and explore their brands.

Paulina Falls is a beautiful location in central Oregon.  The volcanic cliffs and abundant trails that surround the falls make for some truly epic long exposure shots.  Jake was quick to find this out himself and in the video below, he shares some of the great tips he learned along the way at Sony Kando Trip 3.0.