Many photographers like to plan their shots in their head then bring them to life with their camera. Sometimes hours of sketching and preparation are put into every shot so that each one is a visual masterpiece. They not only capture the critical moment, but they create it.

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But Lois Greenfield is different. She goes into a shoot without any preconception of what the results will be. As her specialty is portraying the human form in motion, each collaboration with the dancers portrays a surreal unplanned moment captured in less than a second of time.

The point is: the photographic experience for me is not about capturing something that I have in my mind… but in the process of how the shoot unfolds, so that I end up with a picture that’s literally beyond my imagination.



Because she uses this unconventional approach, Lois never knows exactly how her images will turn out. In spite of this fact, her combination of experience and artistry allow her to continually produce spectacular results. Check out the video below to hear more about how she plans (or rather, doesn’t plan) these amazing photos.

Behind The Scenes Interview