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Limbo – Sink or Swim: Portraits of Men in Water

By Anthony Thurston on May 24th 2013

Photographer Rodrigo Dada is currently working on a very interesting portrait concept he is calling “Limbo”. These are portraits of men half submerged in water, and flipped vertical to give the impression that the subject is moving through a barrier. The photos are a play on the term “Sink or Swim” according to Dada.

Dada’s official description on his site, translated via Google Translate (so excuse any errors), says:

“Limbo is a type of male portraits that revolves around the notion of border transition tunnel. The subject fleet amid a mass of water to the boundary between reality and dream, between peace and violence. Seeking to explore the transition, say goodbye to a stage and find a new one with the freshness of a first breath. I am interested in the fragility, the confusion and indecición: sink or swim.”




At any rate I thought it was a really neat concept and wanted to share. What do you guys think of the concept? Let us know in a comment below.

[via Laughing Squid]

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  2. Julie

    Love the concept and execution.

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  3. sarahb44

    This is really creative and coo!! :)

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