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What’s Included in the Collection?

SLR Lounge’s critically acclaimed Lightroom Workshop Collection v5 is now online and available! The Lightroom Workshop Collection includes the following 3 workshops and resources on digital DVD:

  • Lightroom Organization and Workflow Workshop – 8 Hours of ground up education teaching the basics of Lightroom image management, all the way through helping you master and customize a full photographic workflow. To learn more, click the link above.
  • Lightroom Image Processing Mastery Workshop – 10 Hours of step-by-step hands-on instruction giving you a mastery in Lightroom image processing. From fixing common image problems, to virtually any type of advanced processing effect and style, we cover it all. To learn more, click the link above.
  • Lightroom Presets & Workshop – The gold standard in Lightroom image processing just got better with a fully revamped system including 311 total presets. Achieve any effect in just a few seconds and clicks. To learn more, click the link above.

Read What Other’s Have Said

The SLR Lounge Lightroom Workshop Collection has received rave reviews from photographers around the world and media outlets around the web. Here are what some of the biggest names in the photography industry are saying:

Jaron Schneider of Fstoppers.com – “This is the best way I have seen to learn how to use Lightroom. Hands down, no contest. I could even go so far as to say that it is possibly the best instructional DVD for a software program I have ever watched.”

Rebecca Britt of Fstoppers.com – “I have used countless of other presets. I have deleted them all. The only presets that I have in Lightroom are the crappy presets that Lightroom 4 provides you with (only because I can’t delete those) and SLR Lounge’s preset system.”

Aaron Nace – Phlearn.com – “After making several hundred video tutorials for Phlearn I have a good idea of what it takes to produce them well, and SLR Lounge did everything right. There is some serious value here and I am happy to have found a comprehensive product that does such a good job explaining the ins and outs of Lightroom.”

Udi of DIYPhotography.net – “The most complete video tutorial guide I’ve seen to this date. I’ve been using Lightroom since version 2, yet I got golden nuggets from almost every video.”

geneGene McCullagh of lightroomsecrets.com – “You can tell that a lot of attention and passion went into this. Unlike many preset collections this system is extremely organized and logically arranged. The preset names make sense.”

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