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Lightroom | Updates Going Up…On A Tuesday

By Kishore Sawh on November 17th 2015


Despite my title reference to the combined immortal ‘genius’ of ILoveMakonnen & Drake, it is true that today Adobe wants to win back favor of us Lightroom users with an update. Typically, a ‘point-something update doesn’t come with any big surprises nor any really big news and generally serves more to update RAW and camera compatibility. Not this time. Though it sort of seems Adobe is almost hiding the real purpose.

We’ve seen updates this year in Lightroom that make us happy and others that make us certifiably crazy. This year, the latter has been because of the import dialogue – arguably one of LR’s primary weaknesses, that they made worse not long ago. That decision was met with massive user unrest and hostility, and quickly Adobe released a way to dial back to a previous version if the 6.2 updates weren’t to your liking.



Anyway, this 6.3 update sends the import dialogue back to what it was in 6.1, and that has kind of clouded over what other workflow updates they may have fixed or neglected. Either way, as far as the primary cause of contention, that wrinkle seems to have been ironed out. Don’t get me wrong, LR still needs improvement.

The update also brings back the ‘Eject SD Card After Import’ option (thank god), fixes some issues with Panorama merge, a host of preview issues, and behind it trails new camera support, a host of lens profile support (including iPhone 6s, DxO One, and Zeiss Milvus if you care), and more support for Canon cameras regarding tethered shooting.

[REWIND: ImageRights Allows You To Easily Register Copyright For Your Images From Lightroom]

On one hand, I’d like to take this opportunity to extend a moment of appreciation for the Adobe CC program that allows for these fixes to come so rapidly, but for goodness’ sake Adobe, let’s try to get it a bit more right a bit more often.

If you are a Lightroom user, and you want to become a power user so as to know how to utilize LR like you made it, to save time, frustration, and be more productive, might I recommend the Lightroom Workshop to get you there fast.

You can get the full breakdown at the Adobe Blog and get the updates, but here are some of the new cameras supported:

Canon EOS M10
Canon PowerShot G5 X
Canon PowerShot G9 X
Fujifilm X-T1 IR
Leica SL (Typ 601)
Sony RX1RM2

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  1. robert garfinkle

    OK. Here is the good news…

    The latest update, seems to have sped up the starting of lightroom, compared to before, by about 500%, not kidding….

    I am on two Intel SSD’s and previously it’d take 15 – 20 seconds for lightroom to settle down enough where I can work. This thing is now, loading in 5 seconds, showing my first image, and a couple of seconds to be fully loaded for use…

    HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    | |
  2. R. John Anderson

    Anyone actually see the update yet?

    | |
    • robert garfinkle

      yes. updating now…

      commenting on some generalities about applications and updates – a.k.a. restating the obvious… :)

      Technology will always advance, right? and that means a couple things. Yes, we get better “stuff” (we know them as “tools” also, too, as well :) ), but it also means that the newer technologies, most likely, will be best served (utilized on newer PC’s / MAC’s etc.).

      to my point –

      When I was using LR 4 and / or 5, it was cool, and on my current PC, it worked quite fast, good enough anyway. There were ways to tweak LR, to get it to perform better, but all things being equal, it was just fine…

      But, now, in LR 6, the “better performer” is dog slow. Whilst I get newer features, ok, fine, but really, the application was meant to be on a more robust system.

      Having said that, I’ll say this… There is a timeframe / time period when a new product is released, that it’s buggy, and slow; Updates usually help a bit, but not by much.

      It’s sometimes difficult for us consumers, as we can’t just run out and buy new equipment every time a new version of software comes out. we just can’t. Yet some times, we consumers expect / put upon the developers, the demand that their app work ridiculously fast on our old technology…

      now a slap to the manufacturer –

      I do tag the manufacturer, who does seem to forget that we are more mobile today, the physical products (i.e. tablets, ultra PCs) are not being fortified with enough resources, and our choices of getting a more robust on-the-go pc seem to be getting less and less, which are not good platforms for high-end computing…

      for example, just about 3 years ago, I could find more choices of portable pc’s that gave option for up to 16GB ram and used regular quad-core processors. Nowadays, I am seeing 8GB ram and these ultrabook processors being used, garbage IMO…

      Noting, if you want a higher end portable unit, and in some cases still working with a 6th gen core processor, like as in the microsoft surface book (6600U), you are paying out the butt, around the 4 – 5 grand price tag, that will most likely last two to three years at most.

      | |
    • Barry Chapman

      Yes, it showed up for me late last night and I updated this morning.

      | |
  3. Mark Romine

    For some reason I don’t think that attending or listening to a LR workshop is going to speed up the pace of LR on my new 5K iMac. I so hate Adobe right now. I buy a new iMac and trick it out with the idea that it would speed up LR. Because my old (2009) Power Mac was getting long in the tooth and seeing spinning beach balls far too often. What a disappointment.

    | |
  4. Ben Perrin

    I’ve gotta say kudos to the community for the feedback to Adobe and kudos to Adobe for not just listening but acting on it.

    | |
  5. R. John Anderson

    I also see no update in CC as of Tuesday evening us time.

    | |
  6. Joseph Cha

    your pop culture references are outdated, but cowabunga to you for trying

    | |
    • Kishore Sawh

      are they? I thought that’s what the kid were saying these days on THE Gossip Girl. Then again my mind, like my watch, is from the 50s. PS – your profile photo is gorgeous

      | |
  7. Barry Chapman

    So why isn’t the update showing up for me in Adobe CC?

    | |
    • Jean-Francois Perreault

      Sometimes you need to log out and log back in of CC for the update to appear. Otherwise it’s a push from Adobe and they don’t push everybody at the same time.

      | |