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lightroom import how to

Lightroom Import | How to Import in Lightroom

By Christopher Lin on February 26th 2012

Contents of this Lightroom Video Tutorial

In this lesson we cover “How to Import in Lightroom.” This is a basic but essential feature of Lightroom, as we want to minimize the risk of losing the work that you do on your images. Moreover, we want to make sure we avoid losing the images themselves, as file organization and management in Lightroom can quickly become overwhelming if you have a lot of images. In addition, we cover the following Lightroom topics in this video tutorial:

  • How to Simplify the Lightroom Import View?
  • Where can you import images From?
  • During Import, should we Copy, Move or Add?
  • How Do I apply Lightroom import presets?
  • How Do I render previews in Lightroom?
  • What are Smart Previews in Lightroom?
  • What is “Don’t Import Suspected Duplicates?”
  • Should I Organize into a Single Folder?
  • How do I increase and decrease the thumbnail size?
  • How do I create an import preset in Lightroom?

lightroom import how to

The Lightroom Organization and Workflow DVD

The “How to Create a Lightroom Catalog” video is part of the Lightroom Organization and Workflow DVD, the first DVD of the Lightroom Workshop Collection. Designed to give photographers a ground up foundation in the Lightroom catalog system, image management and organization, Lightroom customization and much more, these tips will increase the speed of your processing by 5 to 10 times. Learn more about by Clicking Here.

Where is this Lightroom Tutorial?

This Lightroom Episode is not yet released to the general public but it is available on the DVD workshop mentioned above. We release one or two of these tutorials a week based on the demand for each topic.

How Do I get help get this Video Published? If you want to see this tutorial on creating Lightroom catalogs get written, the let us know in the comments below! We’ll push the topics in highest demand to the top of the queue. Also, feel free to ask all of your relevant questions in the comments below as well so we can be sure to address them as we write up the article!

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  1. Julian Fuchs

    hi there, I’m just starting out with LR5 and am finding all of these tutorials very helpful, is it possible to get this tutorial published/written up? thanks!

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