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Finishing the Develop Module in Lightroom 3

By Pye Jirsa on June 24th 2011

(The Lightroom video tutorial in this post is just under the introductory text below. The working files for this Lightroom video tutorial can be found just above the video.)

Woot woot! To those of you that have made it through all 93 Lightroom Video Tutorials thus far, congratulations! You are probably now experts with Lightroom, so now let’s keep moving forward and turn you into masters!

From here on out, we are going to be teaching you specific techniques in Lightroom image developing. From basics such as color correction, to tone mapping, to artistic vintage effects, we will be covering it all! So, it’s only going to get better from here =).

In this Lightroom video tutorial, we are going to wrap up the Develop Module by just briefly touching on Camera Calibration and the menu system.

Exercise File Download Links:

Note: These images have been provided to the SLR Lounge users curteousy of Lin and Jirsa Photography for educational purposes only. They may not be used in any other manner outside of these SLR Lounge learning videos without the express written consent of Lin and Jirsa Photography. Thank you.

Full RAW Exercise Files (265MB) – For faster connections. The full RAW files will allow you to follow the tutorials while achieving the exact same results as shown.
JPEG Exercise Files (24MB) – For slower connections. The JPEG files will allow you to follow the tutorials, although the results may vary due to not having the image details of the full RAW file.

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