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Lightroom Better | Advanced Color Control With The Lightroom Color Tool

By Holly Roa on February 6th 2018

Adobe programs always have at least a hundred and one ways to do anything, or so it seems, and even those who consider themselves advanced users can find new tricks hiding in plain sight. In Lightroom, there are a good handful of ways to tweak color that most users who have spent some time poking around all the sliders will know, but you can bet there is always more to learn.

Lightroom, Photoshop, and photography educator Matt Kloskowski has created a YouTube video offering up a deep-dive into Lightroom that highlights a simple little trick which can make quite a difference – the Color tool.

It’s likely you’ve never realized it, and no one would fault you for not noticing, either, but using the “tint” and “temperature” sliders to tone images in Lightroom does more than altering the color tone.

If you pay attention to the histogram, you’ll see you’re also affecting the image’s brightness. If you’d like to make changes to your images’ color using tools like Lightroom’s adjustment brush or Gradient Tool without altering other aspects of your image’s appearance, the Color tool can help.

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Kloskowski’s favorite use for the Color tool is, as he put it, when a color is acting “stubbornly,” often in the sky of a landscape photo. Keeping in mind that this can be a heavy-handed approach, Matt’s demonstration offers a way to infuse more color into, say a dull sky, and do it in a way that looks better than other color tools available within Lightroom.

Check out the tutorial below to learn exactly how to use the Color tool, and if you’d like to see more from Matt Kloskowski, pay a visit to his site and YouTube channel.


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