No matter how efficient your workflow is right now, in time, you’ll find tools and techniques to make it better. Like a high-performance race car, you’ll need a pitstop for the occasional tune-up.

And since you’re already here, you might as well look under the hood to see if your Lightroom workflow couldn’t use some tinkering. Here are seven Lightroom tricks from the Youtube Channel, the Framed Show to help you refine your post production routine.

1. The Fader – 00:39

The Fader is a plugin from Capture Monkey that reduces the strength of your presets.

Go to the Capture Monkey website and download the plugin “The Fader” after doing so install the plugin by doing the following:

File > Plugin Manager > Add…

After you select your downloaded file, you’ll need to restart Lightroom. After restarting, you’ll navigate to the plugin.

File > Plugin Extras > The Fader

2. Auto Advance Culling – 2:59

As you’re sorting images, you’re likely to make more than one pass through your session. Here’s a quick way of marking your “keepers” and rejecting others.

Engage the “Caps Lock” key.
Press ‘~’ to keep an image.
Press ‘x’ to reject an image.

As you select or reject an image, pressing the key will auto advance to your next image. This is a good tip that helps you build momentum while sorting through a catalog with hundreds or thousands of images.

3. Camera Calibration – 5:05

Camera Calibration is a useful tool that can have a profound impact on your image. Ryan Longnecker has a great article that addresses it and you can find it here.

However, for the purposes of this tip, locate “profile” at the top of the panel.

You’ll see a drop-down menu from which you’ll select “Camera Portrait”. Switching to this profile will add a lot more richness to the color in your shot and save you have to do it manually later.

4. Target Adjustment Tool – 6:23

This restricts the impact of your adjustments to only the area you want it to affect. This tool can be found in different modules in Lightroom. So if you want a bit more control making adjustments, look for the little circle.

5. Match Total Exposure – 8:04

There are times when you’ve taken a group of images that you want to look the same. You can sync the settings but, if all you want to do is apply an exposure adjustment to the group, you can do the following.

Go to the menu at the top of Lightroom, select Settings > Match Total Exposure

6. Alt Precision View – 9:20

If you want to view of how your adjustments impact your images you can use the Alt Precision View. You can engage this by pressing Alt or Option Key while making your adjustments. This particularly useful when adding sharpening or changing your exposure.

7. Client Proofing – 11:17

If you’ve ever wanted to share your images with a client directly from Lightroom, here is how. Note, however, that this requires you use Lightroom mobile. You enable this by selecting “Sync with Lightroom Mobile”.

Select the images you want to share, go to the tab called “Collections”.
Press the ‘+’ sign, this will prompt a menu to appear from which you will select “Create Collection”, rename that collection.

In that same dialog, you’ll need to check the box next to you “Sync with Lightroom CC” and you’re set.

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