An interesting bit of speculation coming out of Germany this morning, as a new book for Lightroom 6 software was spotted and set to be available at the end of August. This, coupled with the pretty big Lightroom price drops recently have lead some to speculate that Adobe could be announcing Lightroom 6 later this year.

Lightroom 5

This was first reported over at Photo Rumors, and as they mention Adobe has some new announcement coming on June 18th as well, so that could possibly be involved here as well. The alternative is that someone over at Amazon Germany goofed up and it was a typo on the book title. Still, when we think about a new Lightroom, we get our hopes up all over again for better performance and improved features.

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But really, the biggest thing to me is the performance. Lightroom can be dreadfully slow on machines that have so much power it’s scary. The top of my Lightroom 6 wishlist is definitely better multi-core support, and improved resource usage with an emphasis on RAM.

Premiere and After Effects have these great sections in their options where you can set RAM usage limits, I would love a similar section in Lightroom so you can tweak its performance to your machine. I would honestly be happy if they kept the processing and everything else exactly the same, and just improved on the performance.


How about you? What improvements or features are you most hoping get added to the next version of Lightroom? Leave a comment below!

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