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Lightroom 6 Coming This Fall? What is on your LR6 Wishlist?

By Anthony Thurston on June 4th 2014

An interesting bit of speculation coming out of Germany this morning, as a new book for Lightroom 6 software was spotted and set to be available at the end of August. This, coupled with the pretty big Lightroom price drops recently have lead some to speculate that Adobe could be announcing Lightroom 6 later this year.

Lightroom 5

This was first reported over at Photo Rumors, and as they mention Adobe has some new announcement coming on June 18th as well, so that could possibly be involved here as well. The alternative is that someone over at Amazon Germany goofed up and it was a typo on the book title. Still, when we think about a new Lightroom, we get our hopes up all over again for better performance and improved features.

[Product Highlight: SLR Lounge Lightroom Preset System]

But really, the biggest thing to me is the performance. Lightroom can be dreadfully slow on machines that have so much power it’s scary. The top of my Lightroom 6 wishlist is definitely better multi-core support, and improved resource usage with an emphasis on RAM.

Premiere and After Effects have these great sections in their options where you can set RAM usage limits, I would love a similar section in Lightroom so you can tweak its performance to your machine. I would honestly be happy if they kept the processing and everything else exactly the same, and just improved on the performance.


How about you? What improvements or features are you most hoping get added to the next version of Lightroom? Leave a comment below!

[via Photo Rumors]

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Anthony Thurston is a photographer based in the Salem, Oregon area specializing in Boudoir. He recently started a new project, Fiercely Boudoir to help support the growing boudoir community. Find him over on Instagram. You may also connect with him via Email.

Q&A Discussions

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  1. Iewnw Cousino

    I would like to have an HDR function and a Panoramic Stitch feature in Lightroom 6

    | |
  2. Harold Gene Stinson

    I would like to see aPS type clone tool and amore advanced web module.

    | |
  3. Jim Templeton-Cross

    How about Adobe taking the excellent RAW convertor from Apple now that Aperture is dead. I’ve seen countless examples of how Apple’s convertor processes shadows & highlights like a dream compared to Camera Raw etc?

    | |
  4. Dominik Trejmak

    I though it my computer that was getting a little dated, didnt realize it was potentially the software causing this…

    | |
  5. dstilio

    Everybody agrees that performance is the big elephant in the room. I really do not udnerstand how we ended up accepting this ridiculous performance.
    I am also at video editing and the editor I use is lighter and faster! And is for FullHD video! 24/25/50/60 frames per second. Even in uncompressed format. Whatever I feed it it works smoothly!
    And yet…to load and develop a single image in Lightroom (not to mention to hop around various pictures of the same or different catalogues), takes so much time.
    I am already searching for another mass raw editor…

    | |
  6. Yann

    I want borders when exporting pictures and the ability to write whatever text inside the border.

    | |
  7. TS

    Run export in the command line mode, with parameters like
    – export to same base directory name as where the pictures are in, but to different location
    – ability to give same parameters as in export window with command line switches

    Why I am asking this – I have multiple folders that I would like to export somewhere else. Exporting them via GUI folder by folder is monotonic repetitive work which could be automated with such a command line feature. If this is already possible, please guide me to right tutorials.

    | |
  8. Leonard

    I’d like to see batch snapshot capability. Being able to snapshot the color version of a batch of images and then make them all B&W or amber, etc. and take another batch snapshot would help me greatly.

    | |
  9. mark

    Speed Speed Speed Speed Speed Speed Speed Speed
    did I mention speed too?

    | |
  10. Mac

    I’d love to see tags, GPS and date/time changes being applied to the sidecar JPGs as well.
    And a possibility to set a time offset when mapping photos with a GPS track.

    | |
  11. Blake

    A true clone brush (just like the one in PS) …its the only reason I ever need Photoshop! If they would just include it in LR it would save a lot of time and back-and-forth between two programs.

    | |
  12. Rick

    Better content aware healing/cloning.
    Customizable shapes for the radial filter.
    Exporting from the Development module.
    Content aware fill.

    | |
  13. ronfya

    – speed !!!
    – shared/network/synchronizable catalogs
    – catalog of catalogs (to better handle a multiple catalog workflow, especially for picture retrieval)
    – a Blogstomp-like collage module !!!
    – hue/sat/luminance settings for each color in the local adjustments (brush, grad & radial filters)

    | |
    • Matthew Wagner

      I agree with these wishes, especially the networkable catalog.

      We recently moved from a “one catalog per job” model to a “keep everything in one catalog” model so we could keep working on images while exporting images from another job. The problem now is: all our images are tied up in the same catalog on one workstation. With multiple staff members needing access to images it’s a problem. It’s like having a nice big library with lots of books in it but only one person is allowed in to access the books at a time.

      Maybe it’s time to change the name of the “Library” module.

      | |
  14. Wil

    My wish list is what everyone want in the above comments.. and also PLEASE fix the watermark quality on exporting images.

    | |
  15. Max

    A book module that deserves to be called as such.

    Nested collections within the folder system (yes, this is a calc of the Aperture feature)

    | |
  16. Valters

    Better Performance! I want see my PC working #ss off, not just 10-40% of cpu, ram and still some times laggy, while editing :(
    Ability to add comments to an image.
    Healing tool like photoshop have.
    HSL for local adjustments.

    Thanks! :)

    | |
  17. Jan

    I totally agree: Performance, performance, performance.
    Oh, and the Photoshop clone stamp tool and healing brushes.

    | |
  18. Bob

    I would love to see layers and masks as well, but let’s be realistic. That would Just about destroy the photographer market for Photoshop. Speed is obviously at the top of everyone’s list, although I haven’t had any problems running a 100,000k + catalog on a 2011 iMac with 8gigs of RAM, but one thing I’m surprised hasn’t been mentioned is different brush shapes. That would help eliminate a good chunk of (seemingly) unnecessary back and forth to PS for simple cloning/healing tasks.

    | |
  19. Jim

    I’d like better screen management…the ability to snap off panels for keywords, folders and collections … And have left and right panes so that when doing major file management it is easier to drag and drop…..for example, have you ever had to move a folder afar and wait for the sub panel to scroll up or down…..painful….and dangerous if you drop where you don’t intent…..

    | |
  20. Rahim

    Speed! I don’t care what the reasons are, going from one picture to another in develop module shouldn’t be that slow! Take all of those PhDs at Adobe and tell then to figure it out! If my colleagues and I can figure out how to put a complete automotive radar into one chip, those people can figure out how to make Lightroom faster.

    | |
  21. Bill

    No. 1 request is that they continue to offer it as stand alone software. Hopefully with a discount for those upgrading from V.4. There was little reason to buy V.5. Maybe they could tier the discounts?

    I would also like to see the Web module improved. At least to the point where a photographer could create a portfolio site consisting of the basic 4-5 pages (Home/Splash, About Me, Galleries, Blog, Contact) using a built-in wysiwyg editor. I know you can do something fairly easily using WordPress, but it’d be nice to just be able to do it inside LR. The module is there already. It just needs to be properly enabled with other existing Adobe software (light versions).

    | |
  22. Daryl McMullen

    I just want all the crazy editing options necessary so that I never have to open Photoshop again!

    | |
  23. Mark

    This is a nitpick, but I’d like a way to edit the keyword set that is easier to use. I find it hard to rearrange keywords – the UI keeps sliding up and down.

    | |
  24. erwinbeckers

    – keyboard shortxuts for development presets
    – keyboard shortcutsfor local adjustments presets
    – open & work on multiple catalogs at the same time so you can export one and work on another
    – faster previews like in photomechanics
    – layers & masks
    – better spot removal tool
    – hsl for local adjustments

    | |
    • Matthew Saville

      This is already possible with Paddy for PC, and other programs like VSCO Keys for Mac. I don’t think Adobe is going to offer such a feature because for anyone who has played around in the interface of those other types of programs, you’ll know it’s a HUGE undertaking and a whole new interface…

      | |
  25. Charles

    There was an announcement by Adobe this morning about a Creative Cloud online event on June 18th – “Everything new is new again”

    Couple of things I’d like to see:
    1. Folders available across all modules, just like Collections
    2. Make Lightroom Mobile available to retail owners of Lr. Ditch the requirement for a Creative Cloud account
    3. Integration with other app’s like iWork and Office for Mac (similar to how iPhoto/Aperture provides access).

    | |
  26. raffi

    1. Speed
    2. Speed
    3. Speed

    | |
  27. Mike

    Amen! Performance is the only thing missing in Lightroom.

    | |
  28. Matt O’Brien

    1. A proper page template in the Book module, not the current excuse for a template system.
    2. Ability to place my metadata on the printed page with choice of field, font, etc., not the current limited amateur options.
    3. Flag in the Library module to allow me freeze an image. (Do not allow edits…this image is finished post ).
    4. Ability to add comments to an image… So I can leave myself notes re progress and use of a photo.
    5. Ability to Rate images on the Ipad version.
    6. Option to select jpg and or raw at import, date range etc. This section needs some love.
    7. Get LR to remember where you were in previous folders / collections. Nothing worse than leaving a folder to check something and then have to scroll down hundreds of images to find where you were a few mins earlier.

    I can think of lots more.

    | |
  29. Leo

    You don’t wanna add the request to be able to remove default LR presets? That’s annoying.

    | |
    • Chris Pyke

      I second that for sure. It just clutters up the presets section, and I don’t think I have ever used those.

      | |
  30. Ronnie Ryne

    For a peak at what we might expect look at adobe camera raw’s newest version in the labs section

    | |
  31. Melody

    I would love facial recognition in Lightroom 6. That is all I miss from using iPhoto previously. Sure, I can keyword people’s pictures but it was so much easier when the software was looking for me.

    | |
    • Mark

      Absolutely! I’ve been expecting this since Lightroom 4. It would be such a help to have Lightroom assist in identifying people.

      | |
  32. piXelRider

    There’s need for speed! LR currently eats gigahertzs like crazy – maybe (at last) they would let it run on GPU…?

    | |
  33. George W.

    I agree on the better multi-core support, and improved resource usage with an emphasis on RAM.

    Add to the wish list:

    1. Have GPU acceleration like PS and their competitors does. It will speed up the process and cut down the CPU usage (and LOUD CPU fan noise as well as power consumption) when applying effects and viewing photos while working on hundreds/thousands of photos. It costs less to upgrade a video card than entire computer for more CPU cores.

    2. Would be nice to have different shapes of Radial Filter other than a circle ☺

    3. Individual Luminance/Saturation/Hue control when using Adjustment Brush, Radial Filter and Graduated Filter.

    4. build in function to save and rename your current Catalog and Preview files to any location(s) (include network drive) at the same time.

    I hope they provide good upgrades on LR 6 because DxO Optics Pro is looking very good with support on nondestructive RAW editing as well as GPU acceleration while working with the current LR 5.

    | |
    • Andrew Kwak

      Please yes the multi-core support…I have a beast of a machine, yet it’s almost like Lightroom runs the same (obviously exaggerated) on my Macbook Pro

      | |