We have all been eagerly awaiting the launch of the next version of Adobe Lightroom, which is expected to have vast performance increases over the current Lightroom 5. If a new report is correct, it could be coming within the next couple weeks.


According to a report over on Photo Rumors, the next version of Adobe’s Lightroom Software, Lightroom 6, leaked online in several countries. The leak indicates that the release of LR6 will happen on March 9th.

The cost would be about 130 euro or about $150 in the US. This would be a bit of a price increase, maybe justified by the improved performance built into the new version. But still, I know many will not like to see it, if the leaked pricing is accurate.

Just as with the Nikon rumor from earlier today, we will know more within the next couple weeks, so stay tuned and we will keep you updated.

What are your thoughts on this Adobe Lightroom 6 leak? Do you think the price increase will be too much? Leave a comment below. 

[via Photo Rumors]