As we announced last week, Lightroom 5 is here! Immediately after, we received an influx of emails asking for preset updates and asking whether or not the Lightroom 4 presets were compatible with Lightroom 5. Well here are the answers to your questions!

Will the Lightroom 4 Presets work with Lightroom 5?

Yes! We have been working with our Lightroom 4 Presets within the Lightroom 5 Beta since its release with no issues and full compatibility. Based on our experience, there are no compatilibity issues and you may continue using your Lightroom 4 Presets in Lightroom 5.

When will the SLR Lounge Presets for Lightroom 5 Be Released?

Though your Lightroom 4 presets work just fine with Lightroom 5, we are developing a new version of the preset system for Lightroom 5 to utilize a few of the new features.

As mentioned on our product page for the Lightroom 4 presets, if you purchased the system on or after 4/1/2013 (April 1st, 2013), you will receive a free update to the Lightroom 5 Presets. If you purchased prior, you will receive a deep discount on the update. If you purchased them from our website or Amazon, we will be sending you an email update with instructions when the new presets are ready. We will make the official announcement closer to the official release date of the Lightroom 5 preset system. We anticipate releasing within 1-2 weeks, but this estimated time frame may change.

Should I Wait for the Lightroom 5 Presets

If you haven’t purchased our Presets system, there’s really no reason to wait. You can purchase the Lightroom 4 Presets today and easily update to the new preset system upon release.