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Lightroom 5.0 Bug Report – Flags and Ratings Affecting Wrong Images

By Matthew Saville on July 16th 2013

We have another quick bug report for you regarding Adobe Lightroom 5.0.  Fortunately this particular issue has only happened once, and may possibly still be related to the previous issue regarding Auto-Sync.


When filtering images by a color label or flag status, and attempting to apply a different color label or flag status to ONLY those filtered images, somehow the other un-selected images all receive the same new label, flag, or rating.  (We did test all three)

It could be related to the previous issue in which Auto-Sync would stay active and affect un-selected images images, when the button should simply turn into a “Previous” button.  (Click HERE to read more.) However, this flag / rating bug affected all images in a set, not just one subsequent image.

Have you experienced this bug at all?  Are there any others that we should experiment / look out for?

Once again, this just begs a 5.1 update from Adobe, ASAP.  We’ll let you know as soon as one becomes available!

Take care,
=Matthew Saville=

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  1. Beno

    I have experienced issues (LR5) with the auto sync button staying active when it shouldn´t then mistakenly editing a lot of images not selected.

    Another issue I´ve seen is quite some lag on updating the filmstrip (Develop mode) and then replacing thumbnails with wrong ones.

    Both issues even not being permanent were not present in LR4 and only has occured after updating to LR5.

    | |
  2. Ed V

    I have not seen this bug but I did experience the other bug out there where you shouldnt use the grid display to tag which files you want to delete or move…You have to use the filmstrip or else you could wind up deleting the wrong photos.

    | |