If you’re like us here at SLR Lounge, you’re right in the middle of a very annoying love-hate situation with Adobe’s new Lightroom 5. On the one hand, it’s awesome- the new features and speed are great, and totally worth the upgrade.  On the other hand, it won’t stop crashing for us, on numerous different computers, …and yesterday I discovered this little bugger.  Enjoy:

 The Bug

In the develop module, sometimes Lightroom decides to mess with the Auto-Sync feature.  When Auto-Sync is turned on, LR5 may act as if two images are selected even though you have clearly only selected one single image.

While this might not be a problem for some photographers who hardly ever use this feature, if you use Auto-Sync frequently and tend to just leave it turned on like I do, then you will find yourself ruining subsequent images- especially when you go back through a set to make fine adjustments to specific images.

Upon further testing, we also found that this Auto-Sync bug also affects your Export function, and possibly other things.

So for now, the obvious (but in-excusable, tsk tsk Adobe!) solution is to just leave Auto-Sync turned off unless you absolutely need it.

Have you experienced this bug?  If so, on what type of computer?  Please comment below and let us know!

There may be a solution on the way, or already out there, and we will update you all when we learn more.

A Personal Note

Despite the crashing every ~30 mins and the fact that I ruined a few images because of this bug, I am actually still quite enjoying the two most important new features in LR5, Smart Previews and the brush-style clone tool.  These new features are saving me much more time in post-production than I am losing due to bugs, so I can still highly recommend upgrading!

Having said that, I still gotta scold Adobe for (once again) bringing something to market too early.  Adobe, we need a 5.1 update like, now.  I know that these issues may only affect a small percentage of users, but to me it seems considerable enough to have spent a little bit longer trouble-shooting.  However, I fear that this is going to be the status quo for much of capitalism in the future.  We’re seeing signs of “the race to the shelf” everywhere, especially in electronics such as new cell phones and new cameras, etc…  This kind of “early adopters = final bug testers” mentality isn’t going anywhere, I bet.

Take care,
=Matthew Saville=


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