Hey everybody!  We have a quick test for you today, now that we’ve had a little bit more time to get Adobe’s Lightroom 5 Beta running smoothly.  Enjoy!

The Results


As you can see, the results are under-whelming to say the least.  Of course Lightroom 5 is still in it’s most preliminary beta phase, so there is still a chance for improvement.  Also, if you watch the video you’ll know that for long-haul editing, it appears that Lightroom 5 Beta does indeed “ramp up” eventually and run faster by utilizing more computer resources.

By the way, we’re performing these tests using SSD hard drives and the latest i7 Intel CPUs, for those of you who are wondering.

Once we’ve had a chance to edit a few entire weddings in Lightroom 5 Beta, I’m sure we’ll publish another report!  For now, it seems to be a solid platform with the potential for faster editing speed, though unfortunately nothing earth-shattering just yet.

Hopefully, the final release of Lightroom 5 will indeed be able to better utilize this generation of computer power.  With CPU’s  hitting 12 virtual cores, and dual-CPU motherboards becoming more common, (not to mention insane graphics cards!) …Adobe has a lot of resources at it’s disposal so there is no excuse for any lag whatsoever in our opinion!  These machines that we’re using are already serving up incredible graphics at high frame rates for our favorite video games; it seems a shame that we feel held back when it comes time to edit a mere 20-4o megabyte RAW file!

Thanks for reading!  Please feel free to leave your comments below with any of your own experiences, or tips…