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Lightroom 5 Beta Radial Filter Demo in Wine Gallery – Weekly Edit Season 2 Ep. 1

By Pye Jirsa on April 23rd 2013

In this tutorial video we are going to get into some burning, dodging, and brushing in the Lightroom 5 Beta with the SLR Lounge LR4 Preset System to create a rustic and moody photo that was captured using both natural sunlight and a Lowel GL-1, which we have done an unboxing of here.

We will use the LR4 Preset System for Lightroom 5 Beta to do global corrections and local enhancements.  Of course if you don’t have the SLR Lounge Presets, you can still follow along visually!

To learn more about the SLR Lounge Preset System for Lightroom 4, click HERE.

Watch the YouTube video

Before and After Images

The original, un-edited image:

Rustic Wine Gallery

The final image from Lightroom:

Rustic Wine Gallery

The Lightroom 4 Preset System

The SLR Lounge Lightroom 4 Preset System is designed to enable users to achieve virtually any look and effect within 3-5 simple clicks. From basic color correction, vintage fades, black & white effects, tilt-shift effects, faux HDR, retouching, detail enhancing, and so much more. The sky is the limit with what has been dubbed the most powerful and intuitive preset system available. Click the link above to learn more/purchase.

You can also purchase the LR4 Preset System as part of the Lightroom 4 Collection

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  1. Basit Zargar

    good one

    | |
  2. Henry Kurniawan

    is it only on my laptop or the final result pic ( more redish color) looks different with the one that you show us on video. Love the tutorial and thank you for the information !

    | |
  3. Trey Villarreal

    I wish I could do subtle modifications like this. I’m too prone to the go-big-or-go-home technique to make my photos as eye-catching as I can (generous applications of contrast and punchy colors), even though I find modifications like this more appealing in the long run.

    | |
    • Lorrie Prothero

      I used to do the same. But after a few years, looking back at my original over-done images, it kind of gives that “I just got photoshop and I’m going to use every tool to its fullest” look. Now I don’t want my images to look like they’ve ever been through photoshop.

      | |
  4. MikeZ

    Love all your work and the vision you have for the photos!

    | |