Praise the Almighty! Those of you who have a D750, 7D Mark II, LX100 or other new camera release have been toiling in a land where Lightroom doesn’t support our RAW files. But alas, the wait is over.

Lightroom 5

Lightroom 5.7 Released

Today, Adobe announced the release of Lightroom 5.7 (as well as ACR 8.7) which, among other things, brings with it support for most of the new cameras released during the gauntlet of Photokina and PhotoPlus. This means that once you are updated, you will finally be able to take a look at those RAW files, and not just jpegs. Hallelujah!

New camera support is not all that the new update brings with it. Alongside the new RAW support, Lightroom 5.7 brings built-in support for importing from iPhoto or Aperture (previously a plugin was needed to do this), and some improvements to Synced Collections.


Full Listing of Added Camera Support


For full details on the rest of the updates (lens profile updates, and addition tethered support for cameras) included in Lightroom 5.7, you can head on over to Adobe’s announcement page and give it a good once over.

Lightroom 5.7 should be dropping to your Creative Cloud soon, or if you have Lightroom, only you can download the update via Adobe’s announcement page.