Promotion Overview

We have a great little promotion for everyone! Our friends at RPG Keys have given us 100 sets of their RPG Keys Mini workflow keyboards to giveaway with 60-day free trials! These handy-dandy keyboards are pre-programmed with all of the basic Lightroom 4 Develop Module settings so that you no longer have to use the mouse to click and adjust sliders.

In fact, paired with the Lightroom 4 Preset System, all you do is select a preset with your right hand while you make minor tweaks with your left. It is customizable and works within other programs too, like Photoshop!

We reviewed the RPG Keys in the past, and concluded that even by just using the keys alone, we can already increase our workflow productivity by a whopping 250% (this was before the LR4 Preset System). That is why the keys are a powerful companion to our Lightroom 4 Preset System.

Watch the Promo Video

Purchasing via SLR Lounge

In the SLR Lounge studio, we have 100 RPG Keys Mini keyboards that come with 60-day free trials that we are going to send out with the next 100 Physical DVD Workshop Collection purchases at (not Amazon). These will ship free with all new physical DVD purchases automatically and are first come first serve. Once we are out, we are out.

If you like the RPG Keys Mini, at the end of 60-days they give you two options. You can continue using the keys by purchasing it outright for $349, or subscribe to their monthly service for $19/month. If you don’t like the RPG Keys, you don’t have to do anything; you can just keep the keys and find some other use for these little guys! No credit cards collected, no hidden fees, no need to cancel anything.

Amazon and Digital Copy Purchasers

If you have purchased the digital copy of the Workshop Collection, or are purchasing the physical DVD set from Amazon, it won’t automatically come with the RPG Keys hardware. But, you are still in luck.

To get your SLR Lounge exclusive 60-day free trial, simply send a copy of your Workshop Collection purchase receipt to for details.


Remember, we only have 100 of these free sets, so first come first serve! You can purchase the DVD Workshop Collection from our SLR Lounge Store. Don’t forget that this is promotion only applies for the purchase of the physical copy!