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Lightroom 4 Presets Giveaway!

By Christopher Lin on May 3rd 2013



Last Week’s Winners – Both of our winners for last week’s giveaway for the Camera Raw Presets Giveaway came from twitter. Congrats to @PicDavid and @jerklaren for winning the Giveaway for the Camera Raw Presets. Please email me at to claim your prize!

Now On to the next one! This time, let’s give away our current SLR Lounge best seller, the Lightroom 4 Presets! There’s a reason these have been our best selling item. Powerful and intuitive, these have become the standard in Lightroom Presets.

[click here to purchase the Lightroom 4 presets]

How Do I Enter?

Entering is easy! Just follow the steps below:

1) Subscribe to our Youtube Page:

2) Comment below

Be sure to include: a) your name and b) a random thought!

Suggestions: the weather in your city, “hello,” what you are doing today.

That’s it! We’ll select 2 random winners (via a random number generator) at the contest’s end on Thursday May 9th, 2013 at 11:59pm. Winners will be announced and notified within two days of the contest’s end.

ADDITIONAL ENTRIES: Gain 1 additional entry by following SLR Lounge on Twitter and tweeting any of the following:

  • “GIVEAWAY for the Lightroom Presets by @slrlounge”
  • “Check out this giveaway for the Lightroom Presets by @slrlounge”

What If I already own it?

If you already own the prize and you win the contest, you’ll receive a gift credit in the amount of the retail value.

What Exactly Do I Get?

We are confident that this is the best Preset System available. It is designed to not only be powerful enough to create any effect, but also intuitive enough to achieve them in just a few clicks saving you boat loads of time!  Features and functionality include:

  • Basic Color Correction
  • Faux HDR Processing
  • Vintage Fades and Washes
  • Black and White and Antique Effects
  • Tilt Shift and Toy Camera Special Effects
  • Detail Enhancing
  • Portrait Retouching
  • and more, the sky is the limit!
This site contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links, however, this does not impact accuracy or integrity of our content.

Co-Founder of SLR Lounge and Photographer with Lin and Jirsa Photography, I’m based in Southern California but you can find me traveling the world. Click here to connect on Google +

Q&A Discussions

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  1. Burak Tosun

    Burak Tosun – I’ve just bought a Fuji X-T1 :D

    | |
  2. cherestes janos

    Cherestes Janos: SLRLounge is one of the best places to learn more about photography.

    | |
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    In fact, a healthy relationship with others.

    | |
  4. Mai Lee Yang

    My name is Mai Lee Yang and I love to travel with my camera. I’m always looking for new ways t improve my post production skills.

    | |
  5. Mai Lee Yang

    My name is Mai Lee Yang and I love to travel with my camera. I’m always looking for new ways t improve my post production skills.

    | |
  6. Christopher Yule

    Hi SLR lounge, I’m currently working on some photos for my farther in law of him and his grandson.

    | |
  7. John Goodman

    I’m diggin’ these presets. I’ve been watching the Couple’s Portrait photography workshop and am liking what these can do. :)

    | |
  8. Steve Josanto

    it’s getting cold in Sydney, but I will make it warmer with these cool presets from SLR Lounge :)

    | |
  9. odayja

    J. O’Day — I’m fine how are you?

    | |
  10. Aaron Best

    Hello. My name is Aaron I like Procrastinating instead of revising.

    | |
  11. marc-a lacourse

    cool shot !

    | |
  12. Temuulen B.

    Temuulen Baigalmaa, :)

    | |
  13. Tony Guillaro

    Hello my name is Tony G, and I like turtles!!

    | |
  14. vasquez81

    Gabriel Vasquez, very nice setup

    | |
  15. Penguin

    Erik, coool….

    | |
  16. Josh Adkins

    Josh Adkins from Marion, IL asks, “How do you solve a problem like Maria? Wait, I know how. Lightroom 4!”

    | |
  17. Pedro Sanchez

    Clouds in CA today – probably won’t see them again for 9 months

    | |
  18. Tyler Meuter

    Tyler Meuter, Atlanta, GA. It’s been raining here so much over the last few days. I’m shooting a wedding Saturday. I hope the weather turns out nice then.

    | |
  19. Sarra

    Sarra Nelson, San Diego, CA. I just had to tell you that your Preset System completely changed the way I edit. I used to adjust for exposure and export to CS6 because LR4 was just too daunting, but now I hardly use CS6 at all. I try to do as much as I possibly can in Lightroom before exporting for save, and the difference is amazing. Your tutorials have made all the difference for me, and I truly appreciate what you have done for my work. Thank you!!

    | |
  20. Kasper Hendriks

    Kasper Hendriks, you guys! I already own the A-Z and workflow dvds, this would be perfect to complete the collection.

    | |
  21. Quinton Hurst

    Quinton Hurst. Possible winner of the giveaway? Maybe? I would be delighted to use those presets!

    | |
  22. Clint

    SLR Lounges you tube has been such a blessing for me. PYE you rock man…..

    | |
  23. Tia

    Fellow Photographers! The name is short and sweet Tia! New to lightroom, but the possibilities of learning are endless. Keep smiling :-)

    | |
  24. Micah Coletti

    Hey, this is Micah Coletti. I am new to lightroom post-processing, but would love these presets. I already use the presets built into lightroom and love them!

    | |
  25. Matthew Edelen

    Its raining today!! I love the rain!!

    | |
  26. Jiitsong Liau


    | |
  27. Paul van Oudheusden

    Hello all, what a nice day today :D

    | |
  28. Suzanne Offner

    Hello, my name is Suzanne and it’s just stopped raining here.

    | |
  29. Andrej Štojs

    Hello my name is Andrej. It is raining in Ljubljana

    | |
  30. Jason McDonald

    Have you ever imagined a world with no hypothetical situations?

    | |
  31. Chris Knopff

    Hello, my name is Chris.
    This is more for my partner than for me. She’s the Lightroom Guru, and her daughter wants to get her something for Mother’s Day. =)

    | |
  32. William Tovisi

    Sunny day, here in Targu Mures, Transylvania, and today we’re shooting some portraits. Keep that shutter clickin’! :)

    | |
  33. Christian Noval

    Thanks for some great videos … and Denmark finally has sunshine :-)

    | |
  34. Matthew Acton

    Just been woken by dogs barking next door

    | |
  35. Aivar Põllu

    Aivar, have a nice day!

    | |
  36. Tom Bogan

    It has been raining all weekend. This is needed, but completely messed up some photo time.

    | |
  37. Deepanshu Arora

    Deepanshu here.. I want these anyways.. :)

    | |
  38. C. Sparrow

    Nothing like a bit of mother nature to inspire!

    | |
  39. Dare K-Johnson

    My daily site. Keep bringing it!!

    | |
  40. May Thao

    May, is was a really slow day at work today.

    | |
  41. jpheneger

    Windy and cool here in Morgan Hill, CA

    | |
  42. Joshua Pheneger

    Windy and cool here in Morgan Hill, CA

    | |
  43. Sudheer

    sudheer, let me win this ;)

    | |
  44. Dhanesh

    Dhanesh Mahtani. I didn’t choose to become a photographer.

    | |
  45. Ryan McChesney

    Beautiful afternoon in central park today.

    | |
  46. Anand Devatha

    Good job

    | |
  47. jimmyjam5877

    It was a rainy drive from Ohio to Indiana, today! But, the moistening of the greenery made everything vibrant and photo-worthy!

    | |
  48. Marc N

    This would be helpful since the military is moving me to Europe for the first time in my life!

    | |
  49. Bryan Roberts

    Bryan Roberts Love what you do, keep doing it!

    | |
  50. Gerdie HN

    I’m confused right now ,still picking the best photo for a photo competition

    | |
  51. Melanie VDG

    “Because, because, because, because, be-cause?! Because of the wonderful things he does!”

    | |
  52. Yiddle_renee

    Heyyyy…what’s up doc? :) Pick me, Pick Me!!

    | |
  53. Doug Rodgers

    It was nice today. But then, a cold wind breezed through.

    | |
  54. Mr. Brimm

    Mike S. My memory foam pillow has Alzheimer’s.

    | |
  55. Moona Bokhari

    Moona Bokhari. Lightroom presets on my mind, everything is left behind.

    | |
  56. Jack Bone

    it sunny mixed with rainy in Columbus Ohio :D

    | |
  57. Roger Den Haan

    Hi i am Roger den Haan, a portrait and headshot photographer from the Netherlands, we had some beautyfull sunsets the last few days at 16-20 degr.Celsius (pic is my gorgeous fiancé)

    | |
  58. William Donnelly

    William Donnelly here this is a great idea for a contest, thanks

    | |
  59. Emily Hayes

    It’s warming up in NYC :)

    | |
  60. Nigel

    a) Nigel
    b) Great collection of resources to inspire and grow the artform of photography.

    | |
  61. lisa leung

    Lisa Leung It,s beautiful sunday

    | |
  62. Steve Harker

    Steve Harker. I want you to float, float on.

    | |
  63. bluesydude

    Bluesydude – Love the presets!

    | |
  64. Chris Hoffmann

    Chris Hoffmann, what the heck… :)

    | |
  65. Joe Greco

    Have a wonderful Sunday all!

    | |
  66. Cyndi Pachino

    happy cinco de mayo!

    | |
  67. Jim Laubach

    I wanna win this. I never win anything I enter. I guess most people don’t, but it gets frustrating. sigh.

    | |
  68. Toby

    Finally sun after two days of rain

    | |
  69. Teresa Dillon

    Trompin, stompin and wadin through the swamp in good ole F.L.A., tripod and nikon just snappin away.

    | |
  70. mld

    There is so much that one can do with Lightroom 4 and sooo little time to learn it.

    | |
  71. Don Nahhas

    Don Nahhas: Well the wind blew and the dust blew but we are only here for a day or two.

    | |
  72. Cecil Wharff

    Cecil Wharff.
    Taking photos of my cat. Too hot for me to be comfortable!

    | |
  73. Chloe Ma

    Chloe Ma. I think I’m gonna go take a nap.

    | |
  74. Laura Tho

    The name’s Laura Fisher. Later tonight, I’ll be wrestling aardvarks in space. TYPICAL DAY.

    | |
  75. eeskaatt

    Scott Pacaldo.

    Haikus are easy.
    But sometimes they don’t make sense.

    | |
  76. Adin Softić

    Adin Softic. Just saw a movie with friends.

    | |
  77. Mary Ekern

    Mary Ekern. New mom with many photos that need some great presets.

    | |
  78. Julius Santos

    flying off …

    | |
  79. Jason Jensen

    Jason Jensen. Was just looking for good presets.

    | |
  80. Greg Johnson

    a) Greg Johnson
    b) forty-two

    | |
  81. Jill S

    Gearing up for final in Black and White film photography on Tuesday. Love these contests!

    | |
  82. Daniel High

    Daniel High. It’s way too early in the year for hundred degree weather.

    | |
  83. Simeon Bonev

    Simeon Bonev – writing boring essays while drinking beer is bliss :)

    | |
  84. Michael Tankov

    Michael Tankov, This is awesome

    | |
  85. Heather Keever

    Heather Keever. Beautiful weather here in Monterey!

    | |
  86. David L. Crooks

    David Crooks – Thanks for the presets!

    | |
  87. Jeffrey Martino

    Studying for finals and I’ll be in New York on Wednesday.

    | |
  88. Darius_Roberti

    Name’s Darien Robertson. And my photojournalism lecturer just bought a D800E. I’m low-key jelly, but it’s all good.

    | |
  89. Amy Eklund

    Gorgeous day in blossomtime for southwest Michigan. They don’t get any more perfect than this!

    | |
  90. Wynand Van Emmerik

    looks great!

    | |
  91. Eric Rather

    Eric Rather

    Rain, Rain, Go Away!!!

    | |
  92. Akhil Menon

    Not sure if my post was posted posting one more time to make sure :P

    | |
  93. Amanda G

    Time to do some collaging!

    | |
  94. Peter Allen

    Pete Allen
    NBA on ABC. Weather here is finally seasonal rather than summer like.

    | |
  95. Leigh Ann Chapman

    Leigh Chapman
    Random thought: slings suck! Learning to be a lefty with a right handed brain lol

    | |
  96. Akhil Menon

    Random number generator, pls pick me…

    | |
  97. Johannes S. Beals

    It’s the NHL Playoffs! GO SHARKS!

    | |
  98. Trenton Meador

    Trenton here, the sun is out, the temperature it rising, lets hit the road and make something awesome!

    | |
  99. Ryan Yoast

    Ryan Yoast
    Cloudy here in Santa Rosa, what a contradiction as it was 90 the other day!

    | |
  100. Melissa McFarlan

    Finally after a very long winter, we are ok to wear shorts. Bring on May!

    | |
  101. anjelstar76

    Angelia Viley

    It’s Sunday and I have to work tomorrow … boo! :(

    | |
  102. Michele Walfred

    Michele Walfred – waiting for a little magic to happen!

    | |
  103. Alicia Simpson

    Would love to have this set, it looks amazing.

    | |
  104. MayoPhoto

    Ronnie Mayo, random random random.

    | |
  105. Rob

    Rob Vega

    I’ve been out fishing on my dock all day.

    | |
  106. Carolyn Tree

    Carolyn Tree
    I live in Minnesota were winter feels like its never going to end! Well spring ever truly come!

    | |
  107. Judy Griffith

    Judy Griffith
    Hmmm. Random…… Squirrel …..thought. It’s Spring!

    | |
  108. Cherie Robinson

    Cherie Robinson
    It’s going to rain here in Az. tonight and tomorrow, and that’s a rare treat!

    | |
  109. Matt Vaughan

    Matt Vaughan

    It is impossible to speak whilst breathing in through your nose. Go on……try it.

    | |
  110. Sara

    I am in love with my living room / dining room remodel so far.

    | |
  111. Arash D

    Working on my dissertation. Can’t wait to get back to photography.

    | |
  112. George Dimitrov

    George Dimitrov
    I am getting hungry right now.. :D

    | |
  113. Tony Pardi

    Designing my cousin’s invite then working on da confirmation pics. GO BULLS!!!!!!
    i hope these presets wil work with Lr5 Beta

    | |
  114. Bremden

    Perfect photog conditions here in Wisconsin. Yesterday, it snowed and today it is 75 degrees.

    | |
  115. Lynn Theisen

    It was a beautiful day in Berlin :-)

    | |
  116. Brian Chang

    Brian Chang: Red pandas are not related to the black and white pandas you see at the zoo. They are their own species.

    | |
  117. KeithMorgans

    Doing some landscape work today.

    | |
  118. Tobias Reynolds

    My name is Toby Reynolds, and I would really like this prize haha!

    | |
  119. Sergio

    Crisis what crisis (Portugal resident) …!!

    | |
  120. Lucas Raab

    Luke, I am your Fatherly Figure

    | |
  121. Tim Owen

    It was so sunny this afternoon in Redditch, really warm and the fluffy clouds just write for some landscape photography. All I need now is SLRLounge preset system to help with the editing….

    | |
  122. Sheila Stough Dearman

    Hi I am Sheila and it’s cold and rainy here in central Alabama. Not a good day for photography but would love to be outside shooting something beautiful.

    | |
  123. Ivan Ivanov

    Ivan Ivanov
    Let’s do this, looking forward for the win :)

    | |
  124. Lae McLaughlin

    a) Lae
    b) I really need a new DSLR. and maybe a new liver. The camera first, okay?

    | |
  125. Rohn M Thurman

    Believe it or not, I got burnt today. In the UK of all places :o Still, time to edit photo’s while I recover :) The presets would be a great help!

    | |
  126. Oded Naim

    Oded Naim, Enjoying life :)

    | |
  127. Nico Blum

    Nico Blum, the cake is a lie

    | |
  128. Dennis Schrader

    The cheese is old and moldy!

    | |
  129. Daniel R. Chang Acat

    Daniel R. Chang Acat

    Que pasa si comento en español ? hahah, i should put something in english as well..just in case

    | |
  130. Keegan Evans

    Keegan Evans of Parker Lane Productions.
    I’m studying for an art history exam and there’s a piece named Kuba King Kat A’Mbweeky III. Yup…

    | |
  131. thedylanator

    My name is Dylan and I enjoy shooting pictures for concerts.

    (This sounds like a statement I’d make at Photographers Anonymous)

    | |
  132. Haridas

    Haridas Stewart

    getting zoidberg sunburn in London!

    | |
  133. Krista M

    Krista Myers, enjoying some nice weather finally! :)

    | |
  134. Hamidreza

    Hamidreza, super nice weather in Montreal

    | |
  135. Jacob Garthwaite


    | |
  136. Dave Nunez

    Dave from Delgado Photography
    Starting to feel like it’s going to be a hot summer here on Vancouver Island! :)

    | |
  137. Srini Sundarrajan

    Hello, Enjoying a beautiful spring day in Houston

    | |
  138. Hung Tran

    My names Hung and I love travel + photography + food. The trinity for me.

    | |
  139. Nathan Hines

    They took all the red Skittles.

    | |
  140. Mal Durbin

    Mal Durbin A day of editing nearly done

    | |
  141. Jazer Maco

    Jazer….just editing stuff on lightroom right now

    | |
  142. Erin Hall

    Random Fact. You should never store potatoes with onions. though both need a cool dry place storing them together makes each other age and rot faster.

    | |
  143. Terence Chang

    Beautiful weather, breeze blowing through the room, pictures to edit? its a perfect day

    | |
  144. Howard

    I’ve had my eye on this preset system for a long time. Winning it would sure make my day!

    | |
  145. Ivan Ferrari

    Ivan Ferrari, The best for lightroom!

    | |
  146. g. leong

    Greg .. working today and its a sunny Sunday

    | |
  147. Joie Formando

    Hello! This would be the perfect package for my year-long trip to Germany! And the weather in PA is beautiful! :)

    | |
  148. Emily Herbst Creek

    My session just got cancelled due to weather :-( Oh well, have lots of other pictures to edit.
    Emily Creek

    | |
  149. Hilfuller

    May 5th in Dallas and I’m wearing a sweater. Unheard of

    | |

    Love photography and the Sun of Bend, OR

    | |
  151. David Lees

    Today I’ve been editing photos from a musician’s promo shoot.

    | |
  152. Robert Chadwick

    A) Clear and still B) Sunset warmth

    | |
  153. Ashley Ryan Sloan

    Ashley Sloan of Sloan Photography here!!!

    It’s a beautiful day for picture taking in Kodiak, Alaska!

    | |
  154. Liam

    i love lamp!

    | |
  155. Tiange Li

    on a bus for 12 hours back home; the countryside is fantastic!

    | |
  156. mcsdwarken

    Shoot -> Process -> Publish -> Go back to step 1 =)

    | |
  157. Cole Ewert

    a) Cole Ewert

    b) a random thought!

    | |
  158. Mod Mona

    Cheri Brueggeman
    I’m on fb instead of editing…go figure! ;)

    | |
  159. Mc Donald

    how ya doing there mate :) im doing good and for the weather well its ireland all it does is rain and rain

    | |
  160. VvStudios

    Hi, my name is Jonathan Andrews and it is a gorgeous day!

    | |
  161. Tulsa Troll

    Tulsa Troll says 42!

    | |
  162. Amber Beck

    A) Amber Beck B) The sun here today is crazy! Huge halo around it.

    | |
  163. Janson

    Hy, looking forward to SLRLounge LR 5 Presets, best system around.

    | |
  164. jerry

    Would love to have these!

    | |
  165. Joe A

    What do do on a cold day, edit wedding photos of course.

    | |
  166. Will C


    Will Cocks

    | |
  167. vhick

    A full of star here at Binangonan, Rizal, Philippines

    Thank you for the giveaway!

    Youtube Name: Vic Limbo

    | |
  168. xck

    Achmad Hari
    still stuck in designing some yearbook

    | |
  169. Mary B

    Mary B
    Fantabulous weather here in sunny CA

    | |
  170. John McClelland

    Its a beautiful day in Central Oregon!

    | |
  171. Karl Strohmeier

    Karl, cold and wet in Kansas City. Our local photo shoot was cancelled.

    | |
  172. Mike Rush

    M. Rush
    Cold and Rainy day here, still a good day to shoot!!

    | |
  173. TerraWan

    Gonna buy my first extra lens for my new DSLR: Tamron 70-300 VC

    | |
  174. nayton_thunder

    hope i see SLRLounge LR5! Presets! – Alexey

    | |
  175. Asad

    A) Asad
    B) Cloudy day good, sunny day bad.

    | |
  176. Carl Turpie

    The lightroom preset system looks awesome – Carl Turpie

    | |
  177. Kumaran Balachandran

    a) Kumaran Balachandran
    b) up late feel sleepy

    | |
  178. Courtney Dyer

    a) Courtney

    b) up late editing photos again

    | |
  179. Sreejit Sreedharan

    a) Sreejit

    b) Already subscribed, I keep looking out for new videos from you guys everyday. Really educational and professional. Thanks a ton

    | |
  180. David L. Collison

    A) David
    B) seriously, snow on May 2nd

    | |
  181. Tom Bicknell

    Sometimes my Lubitel laughs at me.

    | |
  182. Corrine

    a/ Corrine
    b/ It’s autumn here and we’re waiting for the snow

    | |
  183. smordant

    Mik, here really sunny in Seattle.

    | |
  184. Michael Dixon-Brooks

    Mik, here really sunny in Seattle.

    | |
  185. Christina M.

    I’m Christina :) and I love to travel and take photos where ever I go

    | |
  186. Mark

    For thou art photogenic with thy presets!

    | |
  187. Adam

    drvfstnwild, Farts are just ghosts of the foods we ate.

    | |
  188. Lawrence Smith

    Just recently got into LR and your preset system seems to make it even more valuable! Hope I win!

    | |
  189. fotis

    Great contest!!!
    Good luck to everyone!

    | |
  190. Milenko Radic

    Gimme, gimme ,gimme :)
    Kudos to SLRlounge for great idea!!!

    | |
  191. Kalervo

    Can’t wait for Sunday and the next episode of Game Of Thrones!

    | |
  192. Andrew Smith

    On your marks, preset, go!

    | |
  193. osc707

    a) oscar
    b) these presets rock, I’d love to get my hands on them

    | |
  194. Dan

    I would love these presets!

    | |
  195. Sean Thurston

    Bread and Butter pickles are pretty tasty.

    | |