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The Lightroom 4 Preset System Version 1.1 Update Now Available and Free for Existing LR4 Preset System Users!

By Pye Jirsa on April 30th 2012

The Lightroom 4 Preset System

We have gotten raves from all over the web, different blogs, and prominent photographers who have stated that we revolutionized presets with the SLR Lounge LR4 Preset System. Well, get ready to have your mind blown because we took everything in the LR4 Preset System and improved on it, and we mean EVERYTHING!

Best of all, for existing LR4 Preset System users, this update is free! Check your emails for a link to the update download. Below you will find the video instructions for updating and installing the v1.1 Update.

Existing Preset Owners

This is a FREE update. We’ve sent all purchasers of the Lightroom 4 Preset System an email with the download link for the update.

Purchase the Lightroom 4 Preset System

If you’re interested in purchasing the Preset System, please use the following purchase buttons.
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What’s New in Version 1.1?

208 Total Presets (70 New) – From end to end, there are over 70 new presets from one click Mixologies, to additional Base Adjustments, to more Curves and now Color Toning! The entire pack now includes 182 Develop Presets and 26 Brush Presets.
27 Mixologies – We have included 27 Mixology Presets which include some of our favorite go-to studio effects, as well as some awesome creative effects. Each built with the LR4 Preset System.
20 New Curves – We have added a new category of Curves the “Vintage Punch” which creates a higher contrast vintage image with clipped whites and blacks along with different color toning options.
15 Color Toning Presets – We have added 15 new Split Toning presets based on popular film and movie color schemes.
Revamped Curves – Every curve has been revamped to create more subtle and refined enhancements.
Updated Standard Import – The Standard Import Preset has been modified to be more universal and reduce “over sharpening.”
Base Adjustments – Additional Base Adjustments for controlling Shadows and Blacks as well as Vibrance and Saturation.

Watch the Update Video

How to Update and Install Version 1.1

Purchase the Lightroom 4 Preset System

If you’re interested in purchasing the Preset System, please use the following purchase buttons.
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  1. Ibphoto

    it costs 99$ it is not for free any more?:(

    | |
    • Payam Jirsa

      The system costs $99, the updates are free. Just email your purchase confirmation and email to if you didn’t automatically get the upgrade link. 

      | |
  2. M2 FOTO

    Realy awesome! Tnx alot! :D

    | |
  3. Alfredo

    Great work guys!  I installed the update today.  So many cool additions to version 1.0.  I was already running a modified default import preset because the original had too much sharpening.  Glad you guys fixed that.

    | |
  4. Michael Colby

    seriously, you guys rock. You have created a great tool for workflow processing and bring order to chaos of using LR for working on images.  Kudos. Thank you :-)

    | |