In this Episode – Creating a Preset for Baby and Infant Photography

We have gotten quite a few requests to create a Mixology Preset designed specifically for babies and infants. Most of you know that at the Lin and Jirsa Los Angeles Photography Studio we primarily focus on wedding and engagement photography, however I have done my fair share of infant photography for past wedding clients.

There are two things that I often notice with infant photography which we will address in the creation of this Mixology preset.

1. Pink Skin – In general, I find that most of the infants that I have photographed have slightly more pink skin. So I want to make sure that our preset does a bit of warming to compensate for that.
2. Veins – Because an infant’s outer layer of skin is still thin and developing, we often see underlying veins. So we want to do an adequate amount of softening to reduce the visibility of these veins without killing overall detail.

As always, in the video we will show you first how to create this Lightroom 4 Preset for Baby/Infant Photography using the Lightroom 4 Preset System v1.2, then we will walk through the settings to benefit those that don’t have the preset system as well.


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Before and After Examples


Video Tutorial and Mixology

Mixology Recipe

Here are the steps on creating the production effect, using the Lightroom 4 Preset System.

0. Begin with 00 Standard Import (RESET)
1. BASE ADJUSTMENTS –> 12 Portrait Flatten
2. BASE ADJUSTMENTS –> 22 Heavy Soften (Skin)
3. BASE ADJUSTMENTS –> 52 Neutral (Zeroed)
4. WARM CURVES –> 31 Amber Neutral Punch

Save as 14 Warm Extra Soft (Infants), or the name of your choice, In the 00 MY MIXOLOGY folder under 10

After applying to an image, simply adjust Exposure and Temperature to taste.

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