I am happy to report that, after a little bit more testing: the LR4.1 RC1 “sharpening lag” effect is gone!


As you already know, Lightroom 4 has been a bittersweet experience for us here at SLR Lounge.  On the one hand, Adobe left out quite a few of the items on our wishlist.  (Click HERE)  …On the other hand, we’re already addicted to the newfound power and efficiency that LR4 offers.  Mostly the new 2012 ACR process version with it’s amazing overall tonal management in the basic develop module, and of course the ability to adjust RGB curves.


Personally, the biggest issue I’ve had with Lightroom 4 has been the develop module lag time.

In Lightroom 4.0, there was a clearly noticeable lag time when going from shot to shot, and applying edits, in the develop module.  The lag in 4.0 even affected the adjustment sliders themselves, it wasn’t just a lag from shot to shot, or in the rendering of adjustments.  The sliders themselves seemed to lag a little bit.


In Lightroom 4.1 RC1, the shot-to-shot lag time was gone, and develop module sliders were very “instantaneously” responsive.  However, there was a weird side-effect lag, if you applied any sharpening.  The sharpening adjustments would un-do themselves for a split second while you tweaked your other settings, (exposure, contrast, WB, etc.) …and then the sharpening would come back a split second later.  It didn’t really affect true editing adjustment speeds, but it still threw off my eyes when trying to gauge the final effect of an edit.


Now, in Lightroom 4.1 RC2, sharpening “stays applied” even when you adjust other settings.  All develop module adjustments at least appear to render faster, even if it is just a visual trick.  Either way it helps me edit faster, saving as much as a second or three per image, which is very good news for someone who workflows an average of 10,000 photos per week!  So thank you, Adobe.


Download Adobe Lightroom RC2 HERE…


Now, back to work!  Take care,