Just as with photography, getting the lighting right on your video project is imperative to getting a good looking shot. It’s not just about how much light you have – though, in general, more is better for this sort of thing – it’s about how you place and angle the light.


Caleb over at DSLR Video Shooter has been doing this great series talking about all of the gear and stuff that goes into his studio podcasts. In his most recent episode, he gave us all an in-depth look at how he sets up his shots, and the gear he uses to do so. It is a very interesting look behind the scenes of one of my favorite DSLR video focused YouTube channels.


As you can see, it’s really not all that hard. It’s just a matter of taking this basic setup and tweaking it to fit in whatever space that you have available. You don’t need a lot of the frills, like a boom mic or a monitor, just a couple of lights and with the right placement, you are good to go.

I personally use these Impact lights from B&H for most of my videos; decent output and don’t put off a ton of heat. This reminds me – I need to get moving on my next video review. Cheers!


What are your thoughts on this basic video lighting setup from Caleb Pike? Leave a comment below!

[via DSLR Video Shooter on Youtube, Image is Screenshot from Video]