Welcome to our seventh episode of Community Photo Critique! This series was developed to help our community members grow and learn exponentially to take their photography to the next level. As artists, we should constantly be seeking criticism. We need to learn from our mistakes and find better, more efficient ways to produce incredible imagery. In the long run, this is what will make us more successful.

This week we are diving into dramatic lighting and portraiture with MagMod genius and SLRL Educational Ambassador Trevor Dayley. If you want to learn how to control, shape and color your light with MagMod modifiers, he’s your guy!

A huge thank you to the photographers who submitted their images for this session, we hope you found our critique helpful and encourage you to submit more of your work for future episodes. You can see more of Trevor’s work on his Website and Instagram.

How To Submit Your Photos

Currently, submission is exclusively for our Master Lighting & Off-Camera Flash Facebook Group. Join us here for your chance to featured in our next episode! If your photo wasn’t chosen for this round, don’t worry there is still so much to learn from just watching critique.