Two lights and a Reflector. That is all you need to create stunning headshots that will wow your clients and bring you new business. No need for huge expensive Kinoflow lights like what Peter Hurley had made his name with, using just 2 speedlights you can create an effective setup for headshots.


Levy Moroshan is a Portland, Oregon based photographer, and one of his many specialties is headshots. He put together this very informative video on how he lights his headshots and produces his unique style, check it out:

In the video, Levy is using his Einstein lights, but he does mention that when he started out he used speedlights instead. So, as you can see, the light source is interchangeable. Its about getting the right exposure and light placement.

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This is a simple and effective lighting setup for headshots that is not only inexpensive, but really easy to replicate. So give it a try, play with it and use it to help develop your own unique style.

What are your thoughts on this headshot lighting setup? Do you use something similar? What would you do differently? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!