Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 9.29.17 AMThe special effects from the latest Hollywood blockbusters usually takes millions of dollars to create. From the production crew to the actors to the lighting, sound, etc. it takes a village to create the finished product you pay $12 see on the big screen. As an independent filmmaker though, you don’t always have the million dollar budget at your disposal. After pay a few thousand for your gear, you maybe have enough left in your filmmaking budget for a few slices of pizza.


Most filmmakers I know are on a strict budget so they must be creative in the DIY department to create the look and feel they want in their films. In the 2 minute short horror film, Not So Fast, director David Sanburg, after using his money to buy his gear (a Blackmagic Cinema Camera), uses some household products including an IKEA trash can to light his scene. The trash can was rigged to diffuse the light and create an eerie glow on his actress. He explains how it was done in the behind the scenes video below.

Check out Not So Fast:

Via PhoblogapherDavid F. Sandberg on Vimeo.