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Light Painting Inspiration by Jason Page

By Christopher Lin on May 22nd 2013

The following video, created by Jacob Peterson, explains what light painting is, shows some behind the scenes of how Jason D. Page created the images, and tells Jason’s personal story of why light painting is so significant in his life.

Light Painting Images

Jason D. Page Dragonflies 4










Jason’s Background

My name is Jason D. Page and I discovered light painting in late 2004. I was out on a full moon night shooting long exposure seascapes when I accidentally bumped my camera. When I saw the light streak going across the sky that the moon had left from that bump, it was my epiphany. From that moment on I was a light painter.

“My hope is that my work will provide the viewer a temporary escape by inspiring their faith, imagination, and creativity. Every one of my images has a story and I want my work to provoke the viewer’s imagination to create the story that goes with the image they are witnessing. I would like to say thank you to the light painting community and especially to light painting pioneers Dean Chamberlain and Vicki DaSilva for their continued support and inspiration.”

The Video

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