Photography is all about the light. We chase it, we diffuse it, we use it to dramatically alter the look of our images. Light in photography is one of the most important aspects of our craft. Light can make or break a photograph, which is why as photographers, we need to learn to master it.


One master of light is the ever lovely, Lindsay Adler. Lindsay is a frequent instructor on CreativeLive and she just wrapped up another successful and informative class on Location Lighting 101. (If you missed it, you can still purchase it here). In the following video clip, Lindsay demonstrates studio lighting with a speedlight and shows us the differences between TTL metering and manual light metering. Lindsay makes a case for why manual light metering gives you more control and better results.


The video is a quick overview (less than 7 minutes), but a good resource for those photographers that are still working on light mastery.

If you want to master Natural Light, I highly recommend our Natural Light Couples Workshop DVD, with hours of comprehensive education to not only help you capture and utilize natural light to your advantage, but covers posing, post processing, client interaction and planning as well. Check it out in our store.

Don’t miss Lindsay’s next CreativeLive class on High Impact, Low Fuss Lighting. Signup and watch it live for free on Sept 18th here.