A Message from Pye and Our Team: In Response to COVID-19

29 Sep 2020

This is a collection of graphic inserts, which are copyrighted images that we have worked hard to create.  We are pleased for you to use them to enhance your own images.  By completing this transaction and purchasing this product, you are purchasing a license giving you some limited rights to use these graphic inserts.  Specifically, what you CAN DO is:

  • Incorporate any of the graphic inserts in this collection into your own image, and you can display or sell that modified image to others.
  • Register your own copyright in your modified image.

However, there are some important exceptions, as you are not allowed to use these graphic inserts in, for example, a competing product, and you aren’t allowed to give away our copyrights.  Thus, you MAY NOT:

  • License anyone to use any of these graphic inserts (alone or as part of a collection), even if the graphic insert has been modified.

Basically, we insist that you play fair.

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