CFast cards are still the bleeding edge of memory card technology from a speed perspective. Today, Lexar announced their own entry into that market with the Lexar 3333x CFast 2.0 card.


The new card is capable of transfer speeds up to 500mb/s, much faster than anyone, except maybe 4K shooters, needs. That may soon change with the latest round of high end DSLRs and camcorders, but to this point, chances are you don’t even own a camera that can make use of this card.

This does open up a whole new arena for the next round of high end cameras, especially in the video recording market where transfer speeds on SD and CF cards have begun to limit the abilities of cameras. These new CFast 2.0 cards would be able to handle 4K recording with no problem. Maybe Nikon’s new D4s or Canon’s next 1D update will have this technology built in (which would also likely mean 4K video recording capabilities).

In the end, this announcement from Lexar is more cool than it is useful, but thinking ahead to the future really makes your mouth water.

What are your thoughts on this new CFast 2.0 card? Do you ever see yourself needing speeds like that? Share your thoughts below!