lensprotogoThis morning, LensProToGo, popular camera gear rental company, arrived at their offices in Concord, Massachusetts to find that “a skilled team” of thieves had broken in and had stolen an estimated $500,000 worth of gear.

According to a press release on their blog, employees arrived at work this morning to find that a window had been smashed and a hole made in the wall, allowing the thieves to access and take Canon, Nikon and Sony gear. According to a report on Fstoppers, access was gained through a storage closet and the thieves cut through a wall to the shipping department. Thankfully, much of the gear was out on rentals, and the company has reassured their customers that they will be working with their partners to fulfill all orders.

The company also assures their customers that no computers or data were stolen, as the thieves seemed focused solely on gear. LensProToGo is currently compiling and will post a list of the gear stolen, as well as the serial numbers on their site. If you have any information regarding this matter, please contact: meg@lensprotogo.com.