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SL, Leica’s First Non-Rangefinder FF, Coming Soon?


The big news out of mirrorless land today is the rumor regarding an upcoming Leica announcement. The buzz is because this will be, assuming the rumor is true, Leica’s first non-rangefinder full frame offering since the film days.

The new Leica SL will be a mirrorless full frame system, with AF and its own lenses. Designwise it is said that the camera will be based on the look of the old Leicaflex SL line (obviously without the mirror). An announcement is expected sometime in the next month leading up to PhotoPlus, where this is expected to be making its first appearance.

The rumored kit would be this Leica SL camera body paired with the 50mm F/2 Summicron, with a rumored price in the $8000 range. It is not as if anyone is expecting affordable or budget options from Leica, but yikes, that is an expensive kit. Still, I am sure that the appeal of Leica glass with a more traditional SLR-style body and AF lenses will be enough to make this a popular product for Leica.

I am really excited to head to PhotoPlus next month and have a look at this.

Canon Looking To Aquire Sigma?

Sigma Logo



Now you can go ahead and file this under the ‘in their dreams’ category for the day. But an interesting rumor cropped up again today (I have seen this crop up elsewhere) regarding a supposed attempt by Canon to acquire Sigma.

According to the rumor, Canon made an initial offer of 7x Sigma’s net value, which Sigma rejected outright. The rumor goes on to say that Canon has made a second offer, worth even more, with no response from Sigma yet. The two companies are apparently having ‘intense’ conversations about the possibility of an acquisition of Sigma by Canon.

It is easy to see Canon’s side to this. Sigma has been rocking it in the lens department lately, and they have the patents to that Foveon sensor tech that Canon could likely use. In one move, Canon would acquire a strong lens competitor and gain a valuable patent and technology.

Sigma’s side to this would also be pretty obvious, lots and lots of yen. There is simply no other reason for them to even consider this. The move would obviously mean Canon either stops Sigma lens production altogether or rebrands it all into the Canon lineup.

This, plainly put, would be bad for just about everyone involved except Canon. Consumers would lose a great third-party lens manufacturer, especially non-Canon shooters because a Canon acquisition would likely mean a halt to producing Nikon & Sony mount lenses. The industry as a whole would lose out on a strong competitor for Canon’s optics, which would mean less reason for Canon to do anything different.

Luckily, the chances of this rumor being true, let alone happening, are essentially none. That said, it is worth a good discussion. In Sigma’s situation, how many zeros would Canon have to add on that check to make the offer irresistible? For Canon, how much of a premium would they be willing to pay to get a major optical competitor off the table?

Leave your comments on this rumor below; I want to hear what you guys think of this.

A7R II Hands On, CameraStore TV

The team at Camera Store TV is back with their hands on video (Part 1) on the A7R II. I was particularly interested to see what they thought on this camera, given that I just purchased one myself. I feel like many of you are also interested in this camera and so here is another perspective on the device.

We have already done some coverage on the A7R II, but I have been thinking about doing some content on the camera from my perspective. If that is something that you all would be interested in, let me know in the comments below.
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