There are not many facets of life in which communication is not one of the most important aspects. Photography is no different, in fact I would argue that a photographer’s ability to communicate may have more impact on their photos that their knowledge of camera settings and technology do.

The Guys over at DIY Photography put together this great blog over the weekend about learning to communicate better with your subjects. It really is an important skill to develop as a photographer, even Peter Hurley preaches this in his Art Behind the Headshot DVD (he also shares some neat tips too). In the DIY Photography post they even went as far as to mention some tips for getting specific types of images like Happy, Laughing and Smiling images vs. Somber, Thoughtful or Serious images. It’s a really great read and I recommend that you go to check it out.

My Thoughts on Communication

As you may infer from my words above, I think that communication is key to running a successful photography business. Being an introvert myself this has been one of the hardest areas for me to work on as a photographer because I am constantly having to force myself to even say anything to a client (or anyone really) I have not met before.

But I have been able to use it as a way to not only improve my social skills with my clients but also in everyday life. I am much quicker to talk at this point in my life now than ever, where as in previous years I could be quite content listening more than talking. But I feel like this has given me an advantage because I know how to listen and listen well. So I f I can just get the communication part down I think that I will be golden.

What do you guys think of your communications skills? Is there room for improvement? Are you a Rock star when it comes to communication? Let us know in a comment below.

[via DIY Photography]