In the era of short attention spans and multi-tasking, video has become the new king of the jungle. Just take a look at the popularity of Snapchat, the abundance of cat videos on Facebook, and the bite-sized snippets on Instagram; video is the next tool to capture client attention. So are you utilizing it to grow your business and increase your sales?

Slideshows can be an easy way to explain your products and services, show off your work or provide your clients with something easily shareable on social media. We’ve written about how we make same-day wedding slideshows with Animoto in this article and we’ve shown you our 20-minute slideshow workflow.

Using Animoto to make slideshows has helped us create raving clients, and in turn, has been very effective in marketing.



Aside from same day slideshows, there are many other ways you can use slideshows for your business. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Tell your company’s story on your website
  • Show off your work at a trade show/event
  • Help your clients proof their photos
  • Show off your product offerings
  • Show off your work
  • Sell them directly to your clients

Sample Slideshow Made With Animoto

How To Use Slideshows To Grow Your Business

On Tuesday, June 21, 2016 from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm, CreativeLive will be hosting a free live broadcast showing you how to use slideshow videos to grow your business with Animoto. Four instructors will help you understand how to use slideshows for your business.

  • Vanessa Joy will discuss how she uses slideshows as a sales tool for her wedding and portrait business.
  • Roy Ashen, Triple Scoop Music founder, will talk about using the right music to help evoke an emotional experience for your clients.
  • Kelly Brown will talk about how sharing slideshows on social media has helped her business.
  • Jared Platt will talk about how to make your slideshow workflow easier and smoother.

Don’t miss out on this free class! RSVP here  to secure your spot.