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Learn From Joey L. in his ‘Killing Lincoln’ National Geographic Ad Campaign

By Ki Thomas on February 28th 2014

Given the chance, most photographers I know enjoy taking a peek at their peers at work, and the gear they use to craft their images. Unless you are very fortunate, however, few get to hang out with seasoned photographers on set to watch what they do, go through the thought processes and get a feel for what it takes to create some amazing images.

In his new tutorial, photographer Joey L. brought to life National Geographic Channel’s “Killing Lincoln” advertisement campaign, with a unique inside look at his process for creating the images. And lucky for us, he’s made it available to all of us.

Learn From Joey L - SLR Lounge Video Tutorial Review

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Joey L‘s New Website

Joey L.‘s new website has a plethora of learning opportunities as well as this latest “Killing Lincoln” tutorial. “Killing Lincoln” was a political docudrama that aired last year. It was one of National Geographic’s most watched TV programs.

The value of Joey L‘s  tutorials goes without saying. He takes you behind the scenes and shows you, in great detail, what goes into producing the awesome work that Joey is known for around the globe.

Joey has an incredibly diverse list of clients, ranging from personal projects, photographing Indian Holy Men and African children, right through to high profile names such as, Robert De Niro, National Geographic, FX Network, Nickelodeon and G Unit to name a few. The information Joey shares in his tutorials is packed full of relevant, proven techniques to help you produce the very highest quality of work, from capture to delivery.

Learn From Joey L - SLR Lounge Video Tutorial ReviewThe Main Tutorial

In this 20 minute tutorial,  Joey discusses 3 main scenes from the campaign and breaks them down into bite size pieces. Working from conceptional drawings, Joey shows you how he translates them into engaging photographs with light, shadow, composition, and expression. Joey talks about the set design and collaborating with other creative members of the team involved in the project. He also covers the production, lighting techniques and camera gear used in each key photograph, step by step, and the reasons behind his choices. There is also a cool miniature bobbing head set design to help demonstrate the lighting techniques.

As Joey points out in the video, who would have thought you could buy a ‘John Wilkes Booth’ bobbing head figure? Brilliant!

Learn From Joey L - SLR Lounge Video Tutorial ReviewOver the past few years I’ve watched several of Joey L’s tutorials, including his series with Lara Jade and have found them to be extremely insightful. I have always felt inspired afterwards, ready to apply my new found wisdom to my own work. Joey’s style is relaxed and informative without getting too hung up on the intricate details.

Joey is one of the hardest working people in the industry and has traveled all over the world capturing some truly stunning images. The quality and content of amazing learning resources out there these days never ceases to amaze me. The kindness and generosity of people like Joey L and many others in the industry, happy to share their knowledge is quite simply astounding. Sure, you have to pay for some of them, but some are worth every penny, in my humble opinion.

Learn From Joey L - SLR Lounge Video Tutorial ReviewFinal Thoughts

With resources like Joey L‘s new website, SLR Lounge’s DVD workshops, creativeLive and many others, it’s truly a fantastic time to be a creative person. If you’re hungry to learn as much as possible and take your photography to the highest level, get on it people. The resources are at your fingertips.

You can find many other high quality tutorials over on Joey’s new website. I’ll also be reviewing more in the future,so stay tuned to SLR Lounge!


Ki Thomas is a freelance photographer, filmmaker, graphic designer and writer based in the UK. Ki is known for his approachable, friendly and professional ethos. Specialising in small / start up business promotion, initiating projects and driving companies forward through a successful, sustainable and creative vision.

Link up with Ki via his Website, Facebook or Twitter.

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